TIL microsoft's official documentation links to wikihow articles

Call for testers! I've made some pretty substantial changes to and I'd love to know if they resulted in any bugs.

Plus I'd love to be able to release the new version once the 42 runtime lands, so it's as good a time as any for a good round of testing.

If you want to help, install the latest snapshot from this page: gitlab.gnome.org/World/gfeeds/ and report any issue you find in the issue tracker.

TIL: you can search for emojis in the shell overview and quickly copy them

+ + color scheme with a few lines of css.

Can't wait for more apps to support this.

We made for my girlfriend's birthday. This batch was our best one yet, delicious!

Another update on Feeds! Feed/tag filtering is now inside a slick AdwFlap.

I think it looks much better than the old popover.

It's been a while, but I finaly got Feeds to work on / , including a very fresh build of

I've spent some time ironing out some porting bugs, but so far it looks really good!

There's still a lot of work to do, plus probably refactoring some stuff, but it's finally coming together!

My first ever order from jlc pcb has arrived!

It's also the first ever I designed, and it looks great! All thanks to

And it came with this jigsaw puzzle, I'm really curious to see what it is

Just swapped my server case for a Fractal Design Node 804.

Awesome case for a home server, the only gripe is how fiddly the HDD mounting system is. Nothing out of this world, but it took me a good 5 minutes per drive.

Just tried 1.0.1 and it's a lot better! Really goes to show how important image processing is with modern cameras. Great job to the devs!

Tooted from Tootle on my Pinephone 😀

Update on routing my house: the first cat7 run through the wall is done!

It wasn't easy because the wall channel has some weird curves apparently, and cat7 is a big chungus, but after three failed attempts and some lubricant we managed to route it all the way.

Speed seems right, we all have 1Gbps NICs and the reported speed is the same as with a direct link to the router. (BTW check out iperf3)

Overall I'm happy to say that this was a huge success!

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