I've just finished walking one my brother through installing and setting up with no gapps, giving him an account on my nextcloud server to easily migrate off of all the google services.

Aside from the fact that I'm mentally exhausted, I'm happy to say that he loves the new experience. Hopefully he sticks to it!

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@gabmus the harder challenge is:
- setup location service (with custom location providers)
- route google maps api to other maps provider (e.g. mapbox)
- fake firebase api (for apps that stupidly refuse to even start without it)
- Find a way to collaboration with people in Google/Apple ecosystem.

And accepting the limitations in doing so and living with it everyday :)

@kdehairy let's explore these issues:

- osmand seems to work perfectly fine
- not relevant as long as osmand works I think
- microg probably takes care of that?
- he's using whatsapp as a legacy chat platform right now, seems to be working fine

yeah, it's definitely a limited experience, but it's a step further from google/other proprietary company, easing the process of being more digitally indipendent.

@kdehairy riiight, didn't mention it's lineage with microg, that makes quite the difference.

@gabmus location setup is not osmand (or other apps). It's replacing Google's system location provider with another (e.g. Mozilla's). This what makes it possible to have accurate location on whatever map app you choose. Microg takes care of that as well

@gabmus pinning an accurate location involves combining GPS location and cell tower triangulation (and of course having a database with cell tower locations). This is why you may also want to contribute the location of cell towers your phone finds to open databases ;) .. I use this app to do that

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