I'm looking for a "static site generator" in the purest sense of the term.

In particular, I'm looking for something where I can write HTML and use templating tags to include partials in multiple pages, like a header, footer, etc.

staticjinja was almost good, but it seems kinda abandoned and the way it's set up to work with static files is weird.

And I'm not looking for something to make blogs, I need something general purpose.

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@gabmus I still use PHP for this. Just include the partials and use some functions for templating tags.

@gabmus Or go even more old school and use shtml. I actually forgot what the technology is, but it’s classic server side including.

@frank Thing is I'd like to avoid having a server at all, hence the "static" part.

Ideally I'd want to have a build time where includes are processed and scss is compiled into css.

@gabmus you should look into code editors that have this kind of build functionality.

@gabmus I built with Zola, which likely is more than you want. I think that its templating engine Tera can be used without Zola, and it’s quite nice imho

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