My current phone is dieing and I need to buy a new one, which is something I hate.

I'm looking for suggestions for something with proper support for lineageos without gapps, and that would possibly leave the door open to install a proper linux distro like pmos or similar.

I don't care how old the phone is, but support for 5g is preferred (since apparently mobile carriers are phasing out their 4g network for no reason).

Boosts appreciated.

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@gabmus I tend to recommend two year old phones. They work, they're cheap, and all their issues are already known

@gabmus I like older #Samaung flagships. Not sure which ones are compatible with #LineageOS, but I've been rocking the #SamsungGalaxySE for almost two years now

@gabmus It's 3G they're phasing out, unless wherever you live is way ahead of where I am (which is possible, there are still aren't any 5G towers here). However 4G networks require 4G VoLTE to actually make calls, and only very recent 4G phones support VoLTE (on account of 4G was never supposed to handle voice, it was intended that 3G would last for ever, and handle all true cellphone capabilities, and 4G+ would just be data). The whole situation is totally screwed really.

@gabmus Generally, especially if you want to be able to run mobile mainline Linux, too, Snapdragon 845 devices are quite nice (e.g. Poco F1 or OnePlus 6). They lack 5G though. With 5G the Fairphone 4 comes to mind, but I don’t know much about it and it’s still early days regarding postmarketOS.

@linmob @gabmus I've got an LG G7 ThinQ with a SD845. I check the status with PMOS every once in a while. Hoping it eventually starts setting some progress and then I'll work on unlocking the bootloader to play around with it.
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