I helped my brother dual boot 36 yesterday, and here are my thoughts:

- There's no auto partitioning in the installer for dual booting, it has to be done manually
- Dealing with RPM Fusion & 3rd party repos is weird and unintuitive. This applies to drivers and nonfree codecs
- Software (the package manager) is better than I remember, but still bad
- Flathub repo needs to be installed manually
- dnf is slower than pacman, but faster than apt

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Other than that, it's a pretty good experience, but the above needs to be fixed. As of right now, I don't feel it's ready for newbies.

Also, the community (as in the limited interactions I had in the matrix room) is super friendly and welcoming, so that's a big plus.

@gabmus Regarding auto partitioning—if you click “custom” it should let you “create mount points automatically” which has worked flawlessly in my experience.

I agree that flathub should be included in the third party repos.

@benjaminhollon You need to have free space beforehand tho, right?

Either way, I can pretty confidently say I'm an experienced user, and this is still confusing to me.

I think the correct way would be to have 3 choices like ubuntu: format and install, install alongside (other os), custom.

@gabmus Yeah, you would need space available. I generally use the Disks app from the live usb to free it.

I’ve heard that they’re considering a rewrite of the installer, though not from a primary source. They could definitely use it.

@benjaminhollon @gabmus they’ve actually officially written about an anaconda rewrite a couple times over the last couple months. They’ve even written about the UI design with an accompanying mockup

@staticvoidmaine Ah, thanks! I've only been following the Fedora Magazine and This Week in GNOME, so I missed that.

@benjaminhollon ah yep, makes sense. I’d definitely recommend adding this blog to the feed 😎

@gabmus Regarding the software app, I agree that it needs improvement. I read that they finally fixed a bug with the CI that was slowing down development.

@gabmus the only thing I disagree with here is dnf being faster than apt. I actually wholeheartedly disagree. I find it generally slow, but tab completion, search, package installs, etc all feel slow. It seems in part due to each command being preempted by a repo metadata update.

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