Since this whole new mozilla debacle I've been thinking about other browsers, and since chromium-based isn't an option has been on my mind.

After skimming through their FAQ, I realized that every single little thing you do with your browser is used for fingerprinting. So it comes down to either use a web browser like a normal human being or retain a little bit of privacy.

Honestly, the sooner big tech web crumbles the better. I want the old web back.

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@gabmus The worst part is how bigger and insanely complex browsers are becoming (webgl2, webusb, custom memory allocators, etc).

With trident (old MS edge) retired, I'm aware of 3 usable engines: Gecko (firefox), Chromium and WebKit (safari, gnome web).

Imagine if you could only choose a car from 3 car brands...

@kvuj That's a big part of the problem, and while all 3 of these engines are open source, they're insanely complex for some random dev to pick up and fork.

The only solution I can think about is having an independent non-profit get some funding and hire a respectable team to fork firefox, making it into an embeddable webview that works with existing toolkits and maybe reviving the efforts put into the servo engine.

With a good webview engine, making a browser shell around it it trivial.

@gabmus I might just switch to GNOME Web at this point, it’s slower but not bloated, spying on me or trying to sell me something. The only thing is that video playback isn’t great, but I can use Celluloid and youtube-dl when I want to watch something

@mossy As much as I love the effort put into ephy, it's simply not usable as a daily driver browser. It's handy to have webkit as a gobject integrated webview, but that's pretty much it.

Plus webkit has a lot of specific bugs, and I think that apple is to blame for them for the most part.

This said, if you do manage to daily drive it, more power to you.

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