I don't know what the hell is wrong with game developers saying that making or maintaining a linux port is difficult.

I made an effing vulkan game engine completely on linux using the great tools we have for development without even breaking a sweat.

At the same time I once lost like 3 hours trying to install gcc and compile a very basic c exercise program on windows, just to see it segfault for no reason.

Why is this all so backwards?

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@gabmus I think that’s related to your dev environment though. I agree that it’s a royal pain to compile and use stuff that’s built against a GNU user land on Windows, but it’s comparatively easy to do it with MSVC or things like DotNet. Windows also offers a relatively stable API and less different flavours to target in general, so I can understand game devs not wanting to mess with Linux especially if they don’t know Linux and as such have a hard time debugging things


@gabmus From a dev perspective I wished I wouldn’t have to support Windows as build environment at work though, it’s really mind bending how bad MSVC’s error messages can be

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