I'm trying to hack my way into making a simple-ish gtk rust app, and I gotta say, I just discovered I loathe rust.

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@brainblasted Let's make it clear that I don't actually know rust and I've hacked with other languages I formally don't know in the past. For one, I don't get it. I know how to program, yet I feel completely lost looking at rust code, even more than if I was looking at C. Also, it looks incredibly and unnecessarily verbose. Might also be that I'm spoiled. Still my point remains, I don't like it.

@gabmus Could you give me an example of code you feel lost on? I feel like verbosity comes down to how people write their programs. I personally try to keep things concise.

@brainblasted thanks a lot for wanting to help! I'm using the template by @bilelmoussaoui so I do have a starting point and I'm not 100% lost. I'll reach out on a matrix room if I end up hitting a brick wall.

@gabmus @bilelmoussaoui if you want another reference, you may want to take a look at which is a pretty simple app, or which I extensively comment to try to help people coming from other languages understand the code

@brainblasted @bilelmoussaoui thanks a lot, I've been looking at shortwave, but simpler apps are probably a better bet.

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