Another update on Feeds! Feed/tag filtering is now inside a slick AdwFlap.

I think it looks much better than the old popover.


Oh, and of course it works with a touch screen, too!

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@scops Nay, but I can make you one. The process right now involves downloading a snapshot of webkit and building it, which takes a long time and requires lots of memory, so I spared the CI from it. Let me make you that build.

@scops Here you go, just be warned that for some reason the link breaks in mastodon, so copy it and add a = at the end:

@scops it contains a whole lot of dependencies, hopefully once it's released it's gonna be much smaller

@gabmus Works nicely :) even the problematic feeds (html with css inside rss) looking good! i have found two bugs:
- in the reader view (rss); i can scroll down on my touchscreen but if i lift up my finger it scrolls back top. if i scroll up and lift my finger it scrolls down.
- i dont know why but randomly the app doesn't deteckt mouse klicks or touch tabs anymore. if i delete the prefs and start from scratch all is fine again.


1) probably a webkit bug
2) never happened before, have you tried just closing and reopening the app?

@gabmus 2. Yes close/open doesn't help. Maybe something related to gtk4? I have something like this also in other gtk4 apps but there a sinple reopen of the app fixes it. I think its related to the mix of touchscreen/mouse input i have (latitude 12, like a surface tab)

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