It's been a while, but I finaly got Feeds to work on / , including a very fresh build of

I've spent some time ironing out some porting bugs, but so far it looks really good!

There's still a lot of work to do, plus probably refactoring some stuff, but it's finally coming together!

@gabmus sadly #libadwaita forces it's theming style. that just suxx :(

@scops could be wrong but I think that you can make themes that support libadwaita.

I'm not opposed to theming , but I can pretty much assure you that at some point themes just break UIs, because more often than not devs rely on the default stylesheet for readability as well as custom styles.

This is a difficult conversation to have, and while I'd love to have themes that would magically just work, I can see how it's not really possible for gtk at this point in time.

@gabmus yes, they could break the UI. but thats the freedom for the user. if a user "want" to break a UI... why shouldn't "you" (libadwaita) force him not to do so? yes, it's a difficult conversation and i'm on the "pro theme" side ;) maybe you could support libhandy too? i use this theme on my devices; (at the moment,... besides Pho-Earth and others depending on mood)


> you could support libhandy too?

nay, doesn't work with gtk4

> thats the freedom for the user

I understand, and I agree with you, but this is a technical limitation, not an imposition

@gabmus Thats (gtk4 / libhandy) are really bad news (for me) :( i hope there will be a working port of libhandy in the future. :(

@scops libadwaita IS the working port. The theming problem related to libadwaita is something to do with the direction gtk as a whole is taking. libadwaita is developed by the same people that develop gtk, as a natural extension to it, not as a third party add-on.

@gabmus @scops

libadwaita is developed by the same people that develop gtk

No no no. While we have contributions to GTK we are not the core GTK developers. libadwaita’s explicit purpose is to decouple the direction of GNOME from the direction of GTK.


@brainblasted @scops oh, my bad, thanks for the clarification.

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