@bleakgrey I was looking at the source code for the gtk4 version of Tootle and I noticed you're missing the widget for showing image previews. I've been working on the same thing all morning for Giara, and now it's finally done and should work nicely. It's Python, but it should be fairly easy to translate to Vala, here it is in case you wanna have a look:

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@gabmus Thank you! I figure I should try out the Gtk.Picture widget first because I don't want to do too much custom drawing logic as it turned out to be a massive PITA in 1.0

But that you so much! Real-life GTK4 code is a rare resource :blobcat:

@bleakgrey Hopefully Picture will do what you're looking for. I tried and for me it didn't :/

Hey maybe let me know if you figure it out.

@gabmus Sure, I'll let you know when I came up with something :)

Attachments are pretty close to the bottom of my TODO list since I've still got the core functionality to port (even avatars don't work yet).

Ideally, I'm thinking of a Grid with Pictures packed inside it. Let's see how this turns out.

@gabmus @bleakgrey If I understand well, first it's possible to use GTK4 in Python and second, you can make our on widget with Python ?

@aurnytorink @bleakgrey

1. Sure, the guys maintaining python-gobject are doing a great job on it!
2. Yeah, that's most of what you're supposed to do when using Gtk3/4 with any language. Of course not all custom widget are as low level as this one.

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