@gabmus @tbernard It looks really nice, but I would slightly add a dark filter on the empty space in oder to make the workspace more distinguishable

@gabmus I prototyped something similar a while back.

It looks nice, but it takes away from the spatial model and the direct mapping between workspaces and wallpaper. It also makes the app grid less legible compared to a neutral gray.

@tbernard One could argue that a plain color makes everything more legible, but then the next step would be to have no wallpaper.

GNOME used to show the wallpaper with a darker tint, and it was pretty and functional. With blur plus dark tint everything should remain legible, and look great as well. The lock screen already has a similar effect so it shouldn't really be too far design wise.

The issue is that gray is boring, and while usually boring works, I think eye candy is important as well.

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