February is a terrible month for me with university. I've been neglecting development, issues and MRs on my projects, hopefully I can get back to it soon, once finals are over.

I just figured I'd let you know, I'm not disappearing and I'll be back on track soon! :gnu: :linux:

Hey people, make sure to join today's Tech Pills , starting same time as usual

5pm CET
11am EST
10am CST
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Just realized something. When reviewing a product, don't bother with the specs, just put them up as text on screen while you talk about something else as people don't seem to care

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In the last year Google has banned: the Element app, the LBRY app, and several Fediverse apps. If you get all of your apps from a single corporation, be it Google or Apple, you should make an effort to change that.

If you have an Android phone F-Droid is an alternative app repository, and it’s very easy to install! All of the previously mentioned apps have been available from F-Droid throughout being dropped from the Play Store.

If you have an iPhone, please consider other options for your next device. Apple does not respect you enough as a user to consider you possibly more capable of deciding what you should install on your phone than they are. That is absurd; please stop rewarding this behavior with your money.

Hey people, this is the first time announcing this on Mastodon but I on YouTube every other friday. I together with the community in the chat talk about and , come hang out and join the conversation:


If anyone was wondering how to flash a OS image to the , here's a quick I made:


I finally got around to publishing my video about the awesome powered ! Let me know what you guys think.


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If you missed the livestream of me and Gabmus from Tech Pills then you can check out the #video here: youtube.com/watch?v=NRnr3z0hKM

We talked about which #linux #distro to choose depending on the usecase, it's a fairly long and in-depth discussion around that topic and a lot more.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..