Should I use a selfie as a profile picture, partially retiring my iconic avatar?

If you're looking for a fast terminal with cool features and tasty lua config you need to check out

There's something therapeutic about writing docstrings for a big library while listening to chill music. :blobcatjustright:

Found this gem of a project pretty randomly. The readme alone is quite interesting, here's a funny excerpt:

"NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails users as "extremists"."


It's incredible, unbelievable and utterly disgusting that it's 2022 and microsoft can't do one thing right for the love of everything that's good and sacred. This job is nothing but frustration and the only one reason is that we have to use everything that microsoft has ever made under the sun.

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Meanwhile, adaptive message dialogs, and a good opportunity to improve the API over GtkMessageDialog.

It hasn't landed yet, but it's fairly close.

If I didn't have to move, this probably would have happened in March or April.

TIL microsoft's official documentation links to wikihow articles

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#TIL that one can use “git commit -v” and the template commit message will include the diff, which is handy to have as reference for writing the commit log message 😃

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Bloggers should put a link to their feed in an accessible place for people to see. We should promote Atom/RSS more.

Hey, @itsfoss posted about ! Always happy to see my apps featured in the wild 😄

Oh and another fun thing: yesterday I spent the afternoon disassembling my to 1) clean it up and 2) foam mod it.

The foam makes a very subtle difference in sound (I think it's because the keycaps are PBT, which makes a higher pitched sound compared to ABS), but the difference in feel is really interesting.

I think what's happening is that I'm not feeling the extra air vibration that a hollow case usually produces, resulting in a "full" feel.

I've just finished walking one my brother through installing and setting up with no gapps, giving him an account on my nextcloud server to easily migrate off of all the google services.

Aside from the fact that I'm mentally exhausted, I'm happy to say that he loves the new experience. Hopefully he sticks to it!

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True confessions from @mairin: the button layout in Anaconda, the Fedora Linux installer, is the way it is because she was playing a A LOT of Final Fantasy 7 when working on the design.

I'm messing around with , and . Gotta say, the possibilities here are endless.

I renamed my devices to sensible names, and I created a virtual sink so that when I to stream games to my friends, I can have a much better time routing audio correctly.

(Routing directly from the game is tricky as most games stop playing audio when they go out of focus, disappearing from the graph)

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A blog post documenting the process of building a redesigned #RSS feed in human-readable form.

Things I'm happy to have added to my feed, besides the styles:

- author contact information always visible at the top.
- a 'reply via email' link always visible at the bottom.

Several people are using the latter in their feeds, very few are using the former.

The source code is up for grabs. Built with #Jekyll, it should be fairly easy to adapt to #Hugo and other SSGs.

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The Bluetooth Quick Connect extension ( should be built-in functionality in GNOME.

It’s a hugely cumbersome process, otherwise, to connect to headphones that you’ve already paired (especially if you also use them with your phone, etc.)

#GNOME #usability #bluetooth

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Great news #Fediverse it is Official. The #EU #EuropeanCommission just launched two servers 🚀

Welcome to #EUVoice mastodon and #EUVideo peertube 🎉

So say hi to 👋

Love #FOSS with @EC_OSPO 💘

Stay in the loop with @EC_DIGIT

Help make things fundamentally right with @FRA ☀️

Regain balance with @Curia ⚖️

Protect that data with @EDPS 🔐

Let's go global with @CDT 🌐

Get us heard at @ombudsman 📣

Watch and boost from:

And explore:

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Oh wow, the European Union 🇪🇺 now has its own official Mastodon instance!

You can follow lots of important EU officials on here including the @EU_Commission

#EU #EuropeanUnion

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