Since I deleted my Instagram, I still reflexively tap on the location of where it's app-icon used to be. That indicates just how addictive these apps are.

One thing that I like about Go is that it's easy to write good Go code, and it stays good for a long time without maintenance. So long as you're not trying to be clever, your code will probably be idiomatic and concise, and the language doesn't really change so it'll be useful for a long time.

Deleted code is bug-free with 100% test coverage.

Today I'll be turning my attention to testing the ASUS RTX 3080 (and other things, #soon) on Linux.

I'll need to set up a reliable test bench. My HEART tells me I should use Pop OS 20.10.

LOGIC tells me it should be a distro with a newer kernel like

What say you?

🎉 duf v0.5.0 is out, the user-friendly 'df' alternative!

🌟 Support for path arguments to limit output to specific devices
🌟 Added --only flag to show only specific device groups
🌟 Better handling for Docker overlays
🌟 ...many other small improvements!

Get it here:

Oven-fresh, warm Brezen 🥨 with Nutella.

Try it out, you can thank me later 😊

I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a #frontend #developer. #Contracts or #fulltime. Preferably #UK where I have previous #remote work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯

#Boost please?


🎉 gamut v0.1.0

Working with colors in #golang has never been that easy or that much fun - promised!

- Convenient helpers to find your way around the color wheel
- Shades, Tints, Tones, Blends!
- Create, query & mix palettes
- Automatically generates beautiful palettes for you!

Accompanying blog posts:

Welp, no going back, now! Masking the top ensured a clean hole without messing up the veneer, and I drilled upward once I got past halfway (but didn’t mask the bottom). Thanks for the tips, Dad!

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I’m going to try to do some livestreaming while working on/talking about elementary OS things. What would you find specifically interesting or worthwhile?

Alright this is wickedly cool project. Essentially an http handler with least privilege. The #webassembly with http request and response handled by stdin and stdout. No extraneous permission necessary needed to process a response.

I’m gonna do it. Using the Pixel 2 again as long as possible until it drives me crazy or really dies. It is:

1. A great size, if a little big
2. Gorgeous
3. Extremely smooth on Android 11!

We moved into our new house over the weekend. It's been a long time coming - but our conversion to the rural life is complete.

Next up - trenching for better internet....

Sorry for boasting, but I can't deny sitting at #1 on HackerNews does kinda feel good 😂

Glow, markdown reader for the terminal with a TUI and encrypted cloud stash:


Hey guys, my name is Dan and I'm excited to join the federated universe. Looking forward to the conversations here.

short bio: I'm originally Scottish, was born in the state of NY and currently live in the EU. Our small family consists of my lovely wife, two beautiful kids and a golden retriever called Buzz. I love hiking and cycling in my free time. Currently at Intel, formerly Apple, Qualcomm and IBM.


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