I've been a big fan of Keybase for the last few years. It's helped me create secure backups of some things like dotfiles, and the messaging is a great way to share passwords with team members. Well - I just got an invite to Cyph from one of the founders (I'm guessing they saw me complaining somewhere about having to find an alternative now that it's owned by Zoom).

Looks like I can invite new users as well - so if you're interested: cyph.app/register/uj4FcJSZqkxs

Does anyone actually like YAML for configuration of anything? Or are we just using it because it's easier to hand-write than something like JSON?

I've never enjoyed writing or reading YAML, but I've also always preferred more syntax over less.

I don't know if any of the rest of you have gotten into Stellar Lumens at all - but hey, free is free... you never know if they'll 10x in value in the next year and be worth the effort: coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/d

To very little fanfare, I would like to welcome The Meta Blog to the Internet...


OK, forget Ubuntu. The new tiling window manager in :popos: is bloody brilliant!

I signed up for a coinbase account because I figured I might as well track the price of all those Lumens the Keybase team sent to me. I'm really impressed with their setup and onboarding experience.

Anyone wanna send me their Lumens?? ;). Feels like collecting something more than investing.

I know how we can stop the spread of this virus......

Garlic, lots and lots of garlic

Not only does it help the immune system but it will also help enforce physical distancing

did you know that the S in IoT stands for security

#todayILearned that the Redis database CLI will display a version-specific piece of generative art in response to the command `LOLWUT`

This is the prime example for why you need to be able to at least open devices. With devices where everything is glue you can't even remove the dust. And oh boy was that necessary! #RightToRepair

It's fun to the see the XMPP Standards Foundation (@xmpp) here on the fediverse!

#Icelandic has some useful words which English lacks.

(Of course, this will be true of any pair of languages - English and #Icelandic are simply the ones I use the most and know best.)

My favourite such word tends to be "sólarhringur": a sun-circle, the 24 period of one day and one night.


Lately I've been really missing a good translation for "spennufall": literally a "tension drop." It's used to name the deflated feeling you get when you've been stressed or under pressure... and suddenly it's over, whatever it was.

Inexplicably sad after winning a contest? Spennufall.

Feeling empty after passing a difficult exam? Spennufall.

Unable to enjoy your new found freedom after meeting a deadline? Spennufall.

Pretty much any time you should be celebrating but just want to climb into bed and sleep instead, that's probably #spennufall.

It's a very useful word!


Welcome our newest awardees! 🎉





And our first awardee of the second reward, for keeping up with their new blog!


The #makeablog initiative has brought 30 new blogs to the internet, all based on free and open source technologies - yours could be next: drewdevault.com/make-a-blog

Looks like my Sony Xperia X Compact Android phone is starting to have some performance issues - likely the RAM is going out (apps freezing constantly, phone turning off after performing basic tasks, etc). Kind of disappointing to be honest, this phone is barely 2 years old.

Now the search for a new one begins, and unfortunately it's still the case that there are basically NO good small Android phones. Xperia XZ2 Compact looks like the only real option, but Sony kind of burned me on quality.

Pet peeve with websites: After I reset my password, don't make me login... just log me in and redirect me.

For all the crap I give it, I would probably not be using were it not for .

#nameandfame Friday: hastebin! #opensource alternative to pastebin and easily self-hostable through #docker


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