This is the prime example for why you need to be able to at least open devices. With devices where everything is glue you can't even remove the dust. And oh boy was that necessary! #RightToRepair

It's fun to the see the XMPP Standards Foundation (@xmpp) here on the fediverse!

#Icelandic has some useful words which English lacks.

(Of course, this will be true of any pair of languages - English and #Icelandic are simply the ones I use the most and know best.)

My favourite such word tends to be "sólarhringur": a sun-circle, the 24 period of one day and one night.


Lately I've been really missing a good translation for "spennufall": literally a "tension drop." It's used to name the deflated feeling you get when you've been stressed or under pressure... and suddenly it's over, whatever it was.

Inexplicably sad after winning a contest? Spennufall.

Feeling empty after passing a difficult exam? Spennufall.

Unable to enjoy your new found freedom after meeting a deadline? Spennufall.

Pretty much any time you should be celebrating but just want to climb into bed and sleep instead, that's probably #spennufall.

It's a very useful word!


Welcome our newest awardees! 🎉

And our first awardee of the second reward, for keeping up with their new blog!

The #makeablog initiative has brought 30 new blogs to the internet, all based on free and open source technologies - yours could be next:

Looks like my Sony Xperia X Compact Android phone is starting to have some performance issues - likely the RAM is going out (apps freezing constantly, phone turning off after performing basic tasks, etc). Kind of disappointing to be honest, this phone is barely 2 years old.

Now the search for a new one begins, and unfortunately it's still the case that there are basically NO good small Android phones. Xperia XZ2 Compact looks like the only real option, but Sony kind of burned me on quality.

Pet peeve with websites: After I reset my password, don't make me login... just log me in and redirect me.

For all the crap I give it, I would probably not be using were it not for .

#nameandfame Friday: hastebin! #opensource alternative to pastebin and easily self-hostable through #docker

One thing I heard in the Democrat debates last night that interested me was one candidate's proposal to provide credits to stay-at-home parents (they said mothers, but...yeah) to compensate/reward them for the labor that (presumably) they provide to the household. This is a fascinating proposal because it's been an issue in #economics that household labor isn't commonly accounted for in most economic models. One of my favorite papers ever is about this.

#GPA (#GNU #Privacy Assistant) is GUI for #GnuPG.

GPA simplifies many privacy tasks, like key management, signing, verification, and more. GPA features an easy file selector and scratchpad for making signed and encrypted messages or files for quick sending. GPA also has a simple dialog for managing OpenPGP cards/physical encryption keys.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: gpa

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #security #encryption

Giving the new XFCE 4.14 a try in Ubuntu 19.10. So far it feels really good - a couple bugs with theming and suspend/resume but that's to be expected.

I've been waiting for this release for a long while so I could ditch Gnome on my HiDPI laptop, and I think this will do the trick!

This is something kinda drilled into my head as senior web engineer at System76: it might not be your fault, but it is definitely your problem.

It sucks, but it’s true so often. 😭

RT Totally not your fault. But totally your problem now too (as smart oven manufacturer).


Anyone know of a good alternative to Mastodon for peer-to-peer activity pub? I found this list, but wondering if anyone knows if one is better than another... I'd like to experiment with running my own server, but Mastodon honestly looks pretty bloated.

Been busy the last week or so...

Turns out newborn babies are exhausting!

The issue with the upcoming regarding the citizenship question is overblown.

There are only *two* things that *must* be answered on the census form: The physical address in question (which is usually pre-filled), and the number of alive & born humans in the address on April 1st.

All other questions are optional.

Source: I worked for the US Census in 2010.

We let our kale, leeks, and carrots winter - got a pretty good haul when prepping the beds this year!

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