So, are you on Linux? It usually shouldn't be too hard to get rounded window corners...

I mean, yeah, but RAM actually being unused is rare. Your operating system uses it for disk caching. The more "empty" RAM you have, the more portions of your hard drive might be mirrored into RAM and therefore quicker to access.

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PixelDroid is a FOSS app for using PixelFed (the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram). You can follow PixelDroid at:

➡️ @PixelDroid

The official site is at pixeldroid.org

PixelDroid has just been released on F-Droid at f-droid.org/packages/org.pixel

You can find out more about PixelFed from its site at pixelfed.org

You can join a PixelFed instance at pixelfed.org/join

#PixelDroid #PixelFed #Apps #FOSS #Fediverse #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Photography

@d_pechkin In my experience, it's either the result of them still learning the language/framework, so it may not be obvious to themselves, or because they were told to comment their code while they were doing non-sensical programming exercises, so there was no "why" to comment on, just the "what".

@riku @popey
This doesn't *really* solve that, it is still a rather different UI, but your comment suggests that you're not aware of the NotebookBar / Tabbed UI, which is pretty cool:

@wolf480pl Not entirely a fan of that aspect either, so at least my API definition will try to avoid black magic. This has also gotten somewhat better with the just-released Scala 3, though.

And, just to say, you can do a lot of black magic in Groovy, too. See for example the Gradle DSL.

As for Haskell, I want the configuration in the same language as the actual implementation, to allow for type checking and explorability. And Haskell feels a bit too mindbending to throw at an ops person.

@wolf480pl I'm actually sort of kind of working on something like that, but using Scala instead of Groovy (which is similarly flexible and succinct as Groovy, but has strong typing and stuff like that).

But yeah, I'm working on it in my free time and it's not an easy task, so this isn't to say that you should expect to be able to use this, at least not anytime soon.

@radonhawk I hear climate change could also provide them with that...

In particular, you might also want to split up the command handling, so that you don't need one massive pattern-match over all enum variants in one file, which is also easier, if you can split them along a domain-trait.

So, yeah, I would say if you don't expect to have more than 10-15 commands, an enum is probably nicer. Beyond that, a trait is likely preferable.

I usually find "command: impl Trait" to be simpler to work with. And especially with the Command-pattern, you will probably want to transfer ownership as it passes through your codebase anyways.

And having three problem domains gives me the gut feeling that there's relatively much potential for later expansion of the program.
And that you may want to place those commands in separate files or even different modules, next to where the other domain-specific stuff lives.

Well, the nice thing about using a trait is that it's more easily extendable. But yeah, if you already know that you'll have only so many commands, then throwing them into an enum is probably easier.

@Miaourt Yeah, I don't get it at all either.
The 2-button navigation just seems objectively worse than the 3-button navigation.
And the "Gesture Navigation" basically just sometimes frees up a few pixels (but never in situations where it matters) and is even more awkward to use.

Jeez, that first video (invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=) is very unnerving to me.

Maybe it's because I'm from Europe (our streets are a lot more narrow and complex, so we have to get actual training for driving), but yeah, if I saw someone driving as badly as that Tesla, I would think they're drunk. And I definitely wouldn't want to be in the car of a drunkard either.

@xjix So, Hacker News without Hacker News? That website is the anti-thesis of "hacker" to me...

Having said that, you may be looking for:
- lobste.rs (not entirely free of those people/posts but certainly better; registration requires an invitation, though)
- lemmy.ml (more Reddit-like, but the mod team is very anti-corporation)


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