@scattergather We have such a low-powered microwave, I don't have a choice there. :P

But yeah, the microwaves specifically resonate with the water molecules in your food and therefore heat up the wet portions the most. Giving it more time allows that heat to distribute to the drier portions.
I guess, the structure would get damaged, if the water actually starts boiling, so less power should help with that.

Ist eben kein Planet, aber vermutlich ist "Planetenarmband" nicht zu wörtlich zu nehmen. "Sonnensystemsarmband" klingt dann eben doch holpriger.

Da wird dann vermutlich die CPU- oder Festplattengeschwindigkeit den Unterschied machen. Da benötigt KDE dann doch ziemlich sicher mehr, weil ja z.B. standardmäßig das Dateisystem für die Suche indiziert wird.

Kann man natürlich ausschalten und z.B. noch den Compositor deaktivieren, aber wenn du mit Xfce zufrieden bist, ist das natürlich auch vollkommen legitim.

Assuming you get the full 10Mb/s (which you don't) and there is no overhead when sending those 18TB (which there is), this would take 5 months and 3 weeks.

@mraxel Of course, it does, yeah. It often helps me to let that particular problem just sit there and instead do some code cleanup and refactoring.

It's a series of tiny, achievable goals, it helps to get back into the codebase, to maybe gain a different perspective on the problem, and you might even end up refactoring the complexity out of that problem.

@Satan Never installed Arch, never fucked around with something like that, but just mind that it says "Mobile HotSpot" in that jumble of letters. Maybe you don't even actually need that. (Presumably, it would allow opening a WiFi Hotspot, if you're connected to the internet via a LAN cable or a SIM card.)

Also, did you check the output of the commands that it lists there?

@quellus This is the same in German, where our word even explains it quite well: A "Kraut" is a herb, a useful plant, and a "Unkraut" is a weed, a not-useful plant.

And despite that, you still sometimes get told to remove the weeds from a garden, which is really annoying, because you can only guess which plants are not useful to that person.

@techit This method worked for me: xda-developers.com/uninstall-c
(There was actually even a script for degoogling/debloating my particular phone.)

You can reinstall uninstalled packages, but you should still use this with some caution.
I for example broke OTA updates, since my manufacturer (FairPhone) uses the Google Play Services for that.
I also temporarily broke receiving and making calls, because I got overly eager in removing bloat-/spyware from Qualcomm.

@redstarfish As others, I would like to, but my reasoning for using Invidious and in my case NewPipe goes a little further than that: I cost YouTube money, which I consider a good thing.

Soweit ich weiß, streiten sich da die Benchmarks noch, ob das jetzt wirklich weniger RAM benötigt, aber sowohl KDE ist leichter geworden, als auch Xfce schwerer.

KDE setzt seit ein paar Jahren auf Modularisierung und ist, so wie Qt5, auch mittlerweile mal wieder etwas ausgereifter.

Xfce wurde mit 4.14 schwergewichtiger, weil sie auf GTK3 gewechselt sind.

Z.B. hat sich ja auch LXDE gegen die Portierung zu GTK3 und stattdessen zu Qt5 entschieden, weil das leichtgewichtiger ist.

@georgia There is just one sexual orientation: Pansexual, but some people only meet ugly people and other people only meet beautiful people.

Also, everyone is turned on by pans.

@syntax They have a contract with Google, so that Google themselves don't use the data, they only provide it to Mozilla.

@duponin Imagine them pretending you have a choice by putting you under group and family pressure, and bribing you with money, when you're 8 and 14 years old, so that you "say for yourself" that you want to join this religion.

Also, since you've had your free choice when you were clearly already an adult at 14 years old, they tell you that you can't change your mind later anymore.

It's really just peak psychological warfare.

@deneb So, what you're telling me, is that 2 cups fit into this cup?

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The results of the yearly #Stackoverflow developers' survey have been published:


#Rust is the "most loved" language for the fifth year in a row. #rustlang \o/

@setup If you need completely different types which can't be put below the same interface, you'll just not want to use a shared method with return for them.

You will have to continue on separate code paths afterwards anyways, since you can't treat those data types in the same way, so either do that within that method, without returning anything, or just don't have that code in a method.

It's also possible that you may have to look at the bigger picture and refactor to resolve this.

@setup You would have to make those data types implement the same interface or super-class and then use that interface/super-class as the return value.

That also means you can only call the methods on that returned value which are specified in the interface/super-class.

If it's a data-type of a third-party library for which you can't just implement an interface, you could create a wrapper-class, which does implement that interface and basically just translates it for that third-party type.

@guido_kuehn So einfach ist das leider nicht, weil eine große Nachfrage nach einem notwendigen Gut daran geknüpft ist: Bezahlte Arbeit.

Der Spitzensportler mag nichts notwendiges zur Gesellschaft beitragen, aber die Chance, dass er ohne Qualifizierung bei einer anderen Stelle genommen wird, ist im Moment quasi null.

Deswegen werden die Staaten auch diese optionaleren Branchen künstlich wiederaufblasen müssen (zumindest zu einem gewissen Grad), um die vielen Arbeitslosen zu vermeiden.

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