@immychan I migrated both of my parents recently and yep, launching Firefox works the same on both operating systems...

@rob @immychan openSUSE with KDE Plasma.

I found openSUSE to be very reliable, especially across upgrades, and the automatic btrfs-snapshotting is very reassuring.

KDE looks/works quite like Windows out of the box, is tested by lots of people in all kinds of situations, and with its many options, I was confident that I could cover any requests my parents might have.
I was also a fan of it actually looking like an upgrade.

And I use openSUSE+KDE myself, so I just know a lot about it...


@rob @immychan I wanted Leap for both, but ended up putting my Dad on Tumbleweed, because he got a new computer with a graphics card for which Leap's kernel doesn't yet have a proper driver.

I'm not even particularly worried about stability with Tumbleweed. My main issue is rather that you have to run a dist-upgrade every time you want to update, which can only be done from the command-line.
I could probably do it with a script, but I'll have to test that first on my system.

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