Hi , me again, thanks for the quick fix with the addons problem. I'll let my friends, who were trying out alternative browsers, know it's ok to get back to you again.

RE: Addons disabled

Hi , no problem, I’ll will read books in the meantime. I’ll check back on you on Monday.

If you're an avid open-source user who would love to help advance a project, there's a lot you can contribute whether you can program or not:

Provide constructive feedback, file bug reports, improve the documentation or help out maintaining the web & social media presence. Spread the word and recommend the projects you love to others (btw, I run Arch 😂)

Say "thank you" and tell developers to "keep up the great work". That form of contribution means a lot more than you could possibly imagine.

Today I passed the Linux Essentials exam. I rock.

Tried Chrome OS in a VM today. Got bored quickly.

I built a budget gaming PC with a HP 8200 SFF and a GT 1030 graphics card. It's currently running Windows 7, but I want to switch it to Linux. Is SteamOS a good option? Or should I just use Ubuntu?

I just finished reading "Free as in Freedom 2.0". Oddly enough I took the liberty of reading this entirely on my iPhone. Not sure of RMS wouldn't raise an eyebrow...

I couldn't help myself and bought a third cheap Thinkpad (X220) at an online auction. I'll probably try out Manjaro + i3 on this one.

This is what I use daily at work. Ubuntu Budgie on VMWare. Pocillo theme + dark mode.

I have just finished "The Linux Command Line". I recommend it for those who are new to GNU/Linux. linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php

Hi there! I'm a old-school developer working for a Dutch national archive. My interests are computers, history and chess and the combinations of these.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..