I have been thinking about a slightly simpler version of the protocol, but discovered today that it's already specced as the hypothetical Mercury protocol (not Gopher).


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Very interesting read. I didnt think you could get simpler than Gemini... I was wrong

@frank doesn't removing TLS throw one of the main billboard points out the window? Takes user privacy very seriously?

@Bloodaxe That’s the crux. By making TLS a requirement, the Gemini protocol is future-proofing for secure and/or private text transfers, even though it’s current main use public journaling. It’s nice to read these kind of careful considerations when adding a layer of complexity and a certain loss of backwards compatibility.

@Bloodaxe I do think adding TLS is a wise decision, but I needed some more convincing. The extensive posts by solderpunk on this topic were a great help next to the main FAQ, which is where I started.

@Bloodaxe The Mercury protocol in itself is merely a thought experiment and useful as a comparative tool, similar to proto-languages in linguistics.

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