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DualShock 4 support on my Linux is surprisingly good. (Apparently Sony maintains the kernel driver for it...?) I plugged one in, and it works out of the box, the touch pad even acts as a fully-featured trackpad.

Still need to figure out how to deal with the humongous, infernal blue light, though.

Happy Solstice fellow godless heathens!

video game industry, drama, cyberpunk 2077 

The more this crap unfolds, the more all I can think is "oh boy, physical copies of Cyberpunk 2077 are going to be really cheap in a year, and a really fun novelty in 10 years."

Added a "fridge magnet" mechanic to my pet project, which pretty much makes it feature complete, except for the options menu.

Now I just need textures, a bit of model reworking, sound design, some music, and writing. So if you know any starving artists...

It’s funny how I can be engaged in a game trailer right up until the moment I see guns

Some person, somewhere, shortly before discovering that putting 26" wheels and a 26" fork on a 29er frame turns the cranks into kickstands: "I wonder what happens if I put 26" wheels and a 26" fork on a 29er frame..."

What sort of Gemini GUI clients do ya'll use?

I'm starting out with Lagrange*, and it's very pretty, but I'm unsure if the way it makes things pretty is something I like, or not, or maybe it's a a Gemini convention to do it that way.


On December 31st Will Smith will appear on everyone's screen and say "it's rewind time" before bringing us back to January 1st 2020 and making us endure this year a second time

November in the Arctic is a heap of trash. Have a fanciful Monday, everybody!

nasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early

astronaut: moon's wet

nasa employee: what?

astronaut: *loading a towel and getting back on the rocket-ship* moon's wet

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