@stux The more I stare at it, the more I expect to see low poly characters running across it as if it were a pre-rendered background in a Final Fantasy game.

@tk Ah, the "less lethal" version of the 3310, which has been encased in metal to soften the blow.

@srol My client automatically puts in the content warnings from posts I reply to. I don't think it does anything with hashtags.

@QuestForTori The more skills you learn, the harder it will be for them to come up with an excuse to reject you.

@peregrine Yeah, a lot of people aren't great at following instructions. But also there's a lot of domain-specific knowledge involved in such a complicated field as medicine, and most people don't carry around a bunch of intricate knowledge pertaining to a field that they don't study. So I forgive any medicine professional for being extra pedantic in explaining to me how not to die.

@peregrine Pharmacists always say things that seem difficult or obtuse. We just have to remember that they want for us to not get harmed by the medicine. Every time I pick up blood pressure stuff, they're like "hey, these might make you dizzy or lightheaded from low blood pressure", and to myself I'm like "yeah, I sure hope so... I'm trying to get to a low blood pressure, here."

@peregrine "Please do not exist prior to surrounding these pills with your body."

@jpmens I use Lagrange, and it inlines images and and audio from links when you click them.

@sean I'm just here to hear about video game (and other) projects, and the guy who creates them. If you left, how would I keep up with what you're making?

@jk Oh, also, when I click a link to a FLAC file, I get an audio player, but it opens as a separate page, instead of embedding the audio player inline like it does when I click a link to an MP3. Not sure if this is expected behaviour.

@jk Sweet! Although, I seem to have run across a bug. On the other hand, it may not be related to the new release.

In short, when I press the menu icon in the audio player while it's downloading a very large audio file, I get a segfault.

Would you care for a bug report about this?

@friend @awalvie @sir @neauoire That sounds like one of the most important aspects of C, to me. But I don't understand why you would evaluate Rust as a "replacement" for C.

@Gina Sounds like I need to pick up some Star Trek Discovery DVDs pronto!

@toxicafunk Amfora is my choice for a CLI client, so far. It really reminds me of Lynx, which I like.

On the GUI side, beside Lagrange, I tried Castor, which seems to be REALLY unoptimized, and Agregore, which didn't seem to render everything properly or handle all responses quite right.

@gamingonlinux Finally, the RB-79 simulator we've all been pining for!

What sort of Gemini GUI clients do ya'll use?

I'm starting out with Lagrange*, and it's very pretty, but I'm unsure if the way it makes things pretty is something I like, or not, or maybe it's a a Gemini convention to do it that way.

* git.skyjake.fi/skyjake/lagrang

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