A little proof-of-concept of ye olde photo camera mechanism, wherein the photos taken contain information about what sort of objects are visible.


Putting this here for when someone asks why I relate so much to Death Stranding.

Added a "fridge magnet" mechanic to my pet project, which pretty much makes it feature complete, except for the options menu.

Now I just need textures, a bit of model reworking, sound design, some music, and writing. So if you know any starving artists...

November in the Arctic is a heap of trash. Have a fanciful Monday, everybody!

My feed is slowly turning into just this. It's very on brand, but I'm also losing faith in society.

spoilers, minor, death stranding 

Today in "jokes that probably nobody will get, but I spent all that time making this, regardless."

Move over, Kojima! We're going to be steampunk pizza boys in my hot new strandlike!

When you're just minding your own business, making good progress on your current project.

Going back and tinkering with one of my old Unity projects. This is one where you control a steampunk sort of airship in a "floating island" type world.

The original idea was to make it entirely physics based, to the point of having ropes with a hoop on the end for mooring, and you would have to hook the hoops onto stuff.

The hoops worked fairly well, but dragging and dropping them and sizing stuff they could hang around was really fiddly, so I'm experimenting with a harpoon variant instead.

When you catch a glimpse of NPB uniforms, but their romaji doesn't make any sense.

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