So, there's a constellation of concepts around web stuff that we all seem to care about: low- or no-JS, minimalism, brutalism, RSS, organic (as opposed to algorithmic) discovery, decentralization, offline-first, ownership and control of data, anti-telemetry-ism, etc. What are some terms or movements or design principles that encapsulate these ideas?

@jrc03c @neauoire there was a decent thread around this a while ago, and while there wasn't a consenus there were a few interesting suggestions and a really lovely debate on the merits of the proposals. The ones I particularly like were variants on "smol computing", and "respectful computing"

I've adopted the latter (NB: I might have been the one to propose it? I can't remember for sure, but if so that would certainly be a bias), because I think it escapsulates the ideas of respect for users (data, time, resources), our communities (sustainability etc.), and so on.

@calcifer @jrc03c Sorry, I forgot a word in there.

"Did you mean the ComputingWithinLimits paper that disambiguated the different words for permacomputing?"

@neauoire @calcifer @jrc03c There were two threads discussing terminology, one started by calcifer and a follow-up by me. Both very rich in useful concepts and discussion :) They are the source of my LIMITS paper, which celebrates a few of these terms (and lists all of them for reference).

Some links:
The initial thread by calcifer:

The follow-up one by me:

The paper:

I'm not arguing for one term to take the lead, but wish for all these terms to be meaningful by being practised, differently in diverse contexts, inform new practices, cross pollinate, to circulate widely :)


@l03s @neauoire @calcifer @jrc03c Sorry to butt in on a bit of a tangent, but perhaps it's a good opportunity to start referring to device lifespans in terms of decades. "How many decades are you planning to support your new mobile phone with updates? Zero? You're not going to support it at all?"

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