Oh gosh, I found the video game version of "never mind, fixed it". I came across a forum thread where people were imagining a summer activities version of Steep (Ubisoft, 2016). That linked to a forum thread where some guy was making exactly that, with links to Youtube videos and early builds of the game. Links which are just about all dead, now.


On a side note, seeing stuff that people crank out with Unreal Engine makes it seem very interesting.

Happy #SysadminDay to the badasses keeping everything running.

Relevant xkcd: 705

Does anyone know where I could find one in the Seattle area? I've checked all the usual places like Re-PC and the like for months

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Move over, Kojima! We're going to be steampunk pizza boys in my hot new strandlike!

When you're just minding your own business, making good progress on your current project.

I wonder why I have such a fixation with immersively physics-based gameplay throughout so many of my game ideas. I can't count how many times I have tried to implement the concept of a boat floating on waves, and the amount of frustration I have caused myself in failing.

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I'm also utterly charmed by this concept of explicit click and drag or other mouse interactivity in an otherwise very diegetic game world. But it does add a lot of complexity in development.

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Going back and tinkering with one of my old Unity projects. This is one where you control a steampunk sort of airship in a "floating island" type world.

The original idea was to make it entirely physics based, to the point of having ropes with a hoop on the end for mooring, and you would have to hook the hoops onto stuff.

The hoops worked fairly well, but dragging and dropping them and sizing stuff they could hang around was really fiddly, so I'm experimenting with a harpoon variant instead.

How many bikes is too many bikes to keep inside your 29m^2 apartment? Asking for a friend...

A bundle of chair legs rattling around in a wet sleeping bag.

Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson, the actors who play Dr. Bashir and Garak, have started a Youtube show where they read DS9 fan-fiction scripts. youtube.com/watch?v=M44QMKWMxu

Conventional wisdom: "If you ain't broke, don't fix that."
Me: "My bank balance has too many digits. I should do something about that..."

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