Basically, the guy on the right is causing the error on the left.

It's just completely blocking / hogging mtp on the device, and there's no obvious or non-obvious way to disable this behaviour.

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végétarisme/véganisme et santé, rappel important 

Rappel qu’un complémentation en B12 est nécessaire pour les véganes et fortement conseillée aux végétarien·ne·s qui consomment peu de produits laitiers ou complémentés en B12.

Une carence peut mettre longtemps à apparaitre (si on a des réserves de B12). Les symptômes d’une carence sont (liste non-exhaustive): fourmillements dans les extrémités ou l'absence de sensation, extrême fatigue, risque de thrombose, des problèmes de digestion.

bing.comwhat the hell does kde do to mtp devices

giving away (old/vintage) Tech, Boost 

Hey aksing for a friend does anyone have a use for and wants an Alphaserver4000 (+two external diskbays), HPVisualizeWS or a SunE250. We would send it to you for the shipping cost only if you like tinkering around with stuff like that.

Only $1 million?


Gaming may be shit now, but as gamers, at least we can take comfort knowing it's all our fault.


it's death to america day! let's take this time to remember!

patriotism isn't a desire to improve this country, or even a love for the people in this country. it's the belief that the country itself is somehow superior to other countries, and moreover, worth celebrating
that country itself is responsible for grinding its citizens into the dirt under its heel, and the more we try to make our lives better, the harder they grind
this country is founded on, continuously sustained by, and inseparable from an insatiable demand for (often racial) slave labor, oppression of exploited countries through war or economic colonialism, and the ever growing production of weapons for war
this is only possible thanks to the hard work of this country's police and military

It's illegal to throw bricks through the windows of companies that had a rainbow logo yesterday and no longer have a rainbow logo today.

Will people get pissy if I side with "trunk" instead of "main"?

why don't package managers use bittorrent (serious question)

States that allow abortion and routes. 

Stole this from Reddit. Credit to Dreamworld_fireworks. This map is most likely to change but for now this is the most current one.

i'm gonna have my party after my first injection of testosterone thanks to my wonderful mum 😇

aside from anything else if it's unpleasant to apply to a company it's probably also going to be unpleasant to work there

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This is what happens when you allow "conservatives" a voice in society.

Stop talking to your "I'm not racist but" "friends". Your misogynist uncle. Your transphobic parents. Ban them from your life.

They're not going to stop here. They will criminalize transsexuality. They will criminalize same-sex relationships, not only marriage. They will criminalize inter-racial relationships. They will round up atheists. They will ban porn and burn books.

I don't mean any ill will to experts, but I hate hearing that companies teamed up with "accessibility experts." Like listen to the actual fucking users! You don't need everything filtered through often non-disabled experts. It just kinda gets on my nerves. #a11y

This, except the propane tank is the PTSD from manslaughter.

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