For curiosity's sake, the project that is currently attempting to drown me is "I wonder if it's possible to set up a Source mapping workflow on Linux", and the step I'm stuck on (besides "I'm not sure if I have a working Windows install on any of the computers in my house") is that I can't seem to get studiomdl.exe to work through wine.

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I really feel like I'm in up to my ears in the wrong project when I have to start digging around for anything in my house that runs Windows, in order to test something.

Please can it be April 2nd soon, so I don't have to see another "here's a neat/cool/fun thing that you can have, but actually we were joking and it doesn't exist"?

The amount of times I do git status is a bit alarming. Sometimes I'll do git status, stare at the output for a minute, then reflexively do another git status, as if the output is going to be different.

Taiwanese baseball goes way too damn hard on the production. Why do the Brothers have a Zoids version of their mascot??

Caprica was pretty underrated. I might even reheat this take in the microwave as far as saying it was ahead of its time.

A little proof-of-concept of ye olde photo camera mechanism, wherein the photos taken contain information about what sort of objects are visible.

Putting this here for when someone asks why I relate so much to Death Stranding.

most sci-fi-themed and dystopian future works of art:
- everyone uses universal currency usually called "credits"

what dystopian future would actually look like:
- you get paid in company's gift card points you can only exchange on black market for other coupons/vouchers/gift cards
Best thing about 2020, no new marvel movies

The web based Mastodon-client @pinafore is just as good on the phone as it is on the computer. It's lightweight, clean and a joy to use.

One of my favourite features with Pinafore must be the wellness settings. I really like that it supports pagination to prevent endless scrolling.

The only thing I miss is support for multiple accounts on the same server. :)

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