My talk from Des Moines has been published! If you are looking for ways to improve communication with your customers and community, take a look at how utilizes an handbook and values transparency.

Interested in learning more about @gitlab ? Join us July 24th to learn what we are about and how our product can make a difference in your environment!

Check out my latest talk on @gitlab , the importance of culture, and the power of all remote given at the June @DevOpsKC !

No need to let loose your dogs of war, @BigDaddyLinux , I am doing my homework for tonight featuring PuppyLinux! See you all tonight.

After a crazy week of traveling and moving, I can't wait to unveil some of the cool things I've been working on! Stay tuned.

Hey ya'll, I am looking for an project who is interested in using @gitlab for their build process and would allow me to help manage the environment! To be a successful advocate and solutions architect, I want to back and learn Gitlab more deeply.

If you haven't checked it out yet, is a great source for news and my favorite, quick tutorials. For example, today, they posted a guide on installing Seafile on CentOS!

Our friends over at @ubports have released OTA-9. Great work! Their product, Ubuntu Touch is working to bring an alternative to the mobile market. If you haven't yet, give it a spin today. Https://

am really excited to be working with @minddripmedia to bring Linux news, tutorials, and content to the community at large!

That time when Wendy's was playing Kansas City by Fats Domino (connect: I live in Kansas City)! Haha.

So far the hardest part about writing my next talk is finding the perfect meme for my Q&A slide...

With the new podcast edging closer, time to start ramping this back up! So, question, now that Chef is fully open source, who all is going to give it another look? I've for sure added it to my roadmap!

I've received a few messages from folks showing concern, so, I wanted to assure everyone everything is fine. I am juggling a lot of change in RL right now, so, have began a bit of a social media detox. The podcast and myself will be back soon! Thanks to everyone.

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