Definitely been loving Arch. Not hard to use at all, in fact, i'd say it's easier to deal with than certain other distributions. I've been able to get all my programs pretty easily.

There's a few kinks I'm not sure how to deal with such as Telegram not allowing me to save photos to my device but other than that things have been great.

ungoogling has been a very long process. im mostly there. can't remember the last time i used my google account for anything other than scanning my emails to make sure that i haven't forgotten a service to remove from google. one day i'll straight up delete it

Tried Manjaro, ended up having a liking for Arch. so now i'm using arch. no regrets

Decided to break out of my comfort zone and use a distribution other than what I'm used to. Usually i stick to Debian based distros or BSDs.

This laptop previously ran Debian Linux.

Security and Privacy should be baseline things for every citizen. I truly believe in a 'universal basic privacy/anonymity'

Most electronics should be expected to perform a level of privacy/security that protects its user rather than monetizes them.

There's no reason why security and privacy should be considered things only skilled computer users, Linux enthusiasts, journalists, and intelligence agents have access to

Redid my profile on here for better anonymity. Glad to be back on the fediverse!


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...