My gf kept pointing at people at mastodon.

"Is that a man or a woman?"

> Don't know.

"How old is she, uh they?"

> Don't know.

"So you don't know any of these people?"

> Sure I do. That one runs Arch. This one runs BSD.

Kaspersky AV injected unique ID that allowed sites to track users, even in incognito mode

An experienced dev would tell you why antivirus is a bad idea. It boils down to 2 things:

Giving a non-local/foreign program full control of system resources

Reacting to an infection after it has already accessed the system.

In schools here, it is taught antivirus are a vital service in operating systems and are built-in. (I think they mean firewalls)

Yeah, baby.

Matt Hartley is back.

Get your Linux-y questions and topics in now with the hashtag #LinuxThursday. - Some people I met today who are trying to do good with good stuff.

And they us LulzBots!

If I can get 2,141 more subscribers on@LBRYio... I'll have the most subscribed to channel on LBRY.I just decided I want that. Help me get there and I'll bring back#LinuxThursday.;) #Bribery#NotAboveIt#SanDimasHighSchoolFootballRules 

I can't speak for the rest of the @linuxjournal archive, but I own the decade+ worth of articles I wrote. A lot of them are just as relevant today (I refer to them myself quite often). Would anyone be interested in some kind of "Best of Hack and /" polished and updated compilation?

I want to start an educational hackerspace to help poor people in my city, specifically a neighborhood that is being actively gentrified with local government money (Franklinton neighborhood, Columbus, OH). Obstacles: I have no professional certifications (for credibility), no money (sole provider for family of 4, working full time + driving Uber), and no time (see money above). I need time to study for certs (I have a personal roadmap) and enough money to take care of home and startup seed.

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So I just watched this and thought it looked interesting:

With that in mind - what is your dream? What are your obstacles?

How can you help someone else's dream?

I'll leave mine in a reply below.

System76 (USA) - first 4K OLED Linux laptop "Adder WS" available to order!

These guys are true Linux enthusiasts with unmatched passion and support.

A vibrant 4K OLED glossy display with true-to-life blacks. The 15.6-inch 4K OLED display is capable of 3840x2160 resolutions; perfect for the latest games..

9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H or i9-9980HK CPUs, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 GPU +up to 64GB RAM and 8TB of storage.


@gbryant @tpharrison @strikersan

Psh. I make TV. Distributed digitally.

LBRY is TV. PeerTube is TV. YouTube is TV. ;)

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