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‪I got a present today. :)‬

‪Working, amazing condition 6100 with a working DOS compatibility card (486 DX2/66 with a Soundblaster).‬

‪Even has “DOS Compatible” on the front. So choice.‬

‪Too bad I won’t have free time to play with her for a week or two. ;)‬

I'd like to personally thank the House Judiciary Committee and Robert Mueller for giving me a good reason to turn off the TV this morning.

God's Pantry Food Bank released their latest staff newsletter today, and I was the Employee Spotlight. Since it just came out: How does it make you feel that the Top500 list has all Linux every time since June 2017 (when there was a small Unix/Other share)?

Something many people seem to forget: Technology is a tool, not a political statement.

If anything shows us this it's the current political climate. Everyone is trying to "weaponize" (whatever that means) the various digital tools. There is nothing inherent to the tools that prevents a political ideology from using it. *Use* the tools available, but don't be surprised when your opponent uses the same thing.

Did you approve the title on this?:

It sounds like it wants to be the newest iteration of proper corpobuzzdoublespeak.


I made the mistake of engaging with a couple trolls yesterday.

Was feeling raw, let my guard down, and responded. Such a newbie mistake on my part. Yeesh.

Mental note: just ignore the trolls.

Just saw an ad for 30 refurb laptops & charging cart for $9,999. With the help of#Linux & hard work of students, we've done laptops & cart for 1/2 that. And we've done it 5 times. Stop messing around. Put Linux in front of your students. Ask us how.

How the latest Purism commercial was made with entirely with GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Librem laptops. Storyboarding, motion design, color grading, video editing... We do it all with Freedom in mind. …

"What's wrong with my chair?"
- Dunno. What's it doing?
"It's not working right. How do I fix it?"
- What kind of chair is this? Like, a recliner or a dining room chair?

"Why can't you just fix it? I thought you were a carpenter?"

100% agreed. Free Speech isn't just for me and all the people I like.It's for everyone.And that includes people that say things I profoundly disagree with. Highly recommend folks get their shows backed up to a system like LBRY for that very reason. …

In this free Linux Journal ebook,@kylerankin expounds on some of the lessons he's learned through the years that might be obvious to longtime sysadmins but may be news to someone just coming into this position.

Linux Mint is the reason millions of PC users have left Windows.

The people behind Linux Mint are doing a fantastic job with understanding, empathy & vision. This distro just works out-of-the-box for veterans seeking stability and beginners alike!

Linux Mint has changed peoples perception of Linux / Free Software.

A powerhouse figure Joe Collins from Linux scene has posted a spot on video.

== >

And now my watch is complete: Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire - Game of Thrones x Ice Ice Baby (Full song)  via@YouTube

I have repeatedly reported your misconduct.@trimet has ignored it every time. I demand a response.I will be filming and publishing future illegal actions of your drivers and calling the police.Every time.I'm done with you making our community less safe.

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