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“How Tech Companies Say They Care” examines how companies appropriated “privacy” for marketing while their business models are based on surveillance capitalism. True #privacy comes from services that do not collect your personal data #E2EE @privacyproject

The first image EVER of a black hole.
About 6.5 billion times more massive than the sun, 40 billion km wide. We believe it is one of the largest that could exist.
What a great time to be alive !

Tonight's plan: Finish studying Revelation 11:1-14, the 2 witnesses, for teaching & discussion with the teen class of Ironworks Pike Community Church on Wednesday.
Tomorrow evening, I shall be setting up my System76 Thelio desktop after UPS delivers.

I promised some cub scouts I would make a virus to destroy a Windows computer for them. Let the carnage begin. 😈

Just in case someone needs..
Many families (like mine) do have family members with disabilities.. we've each been working in isolation (example: -> However, there is a maker community around this: ATMakers ( , and a facebook page This is where families and makers are connecting and doing lots of technical solutions sharing, 3d-printing, coding, etc.

So I got a thinkcentre from work and set it up as a headless CentOS VM host as a small lab (I know it's underpowered for much but it's mine; might try Docker later).

And I have to say - I've had issues. First issues with setting it up. Then I have my Pi on the internet as a jump box so I had to configure X so I could passthrough via SSH and lots of trouble there. And it's amazingly tough but very satisfying. It's working and it's mine.

News from your friends at Facebook:

"As part of a routine security review in January, we found that some user passwords were being stored in a readable format within our internal data storage systems"


So... the robot revolution starts with airplanes driving into the ground...

Sounds about right.

@dontfearthekeyboard This is what I am looking for. I am disgusted with all the political trolls.

Just discovered Mastodon from this article.

I am looking forward to a much better social media experience.

Douglas Rushkoff's knowledge of digital technology shines in his new book, "Team Human" — horrifying us with the capacities of the machines we've built, and the ways they have been used against us.

We often rely on science to help us sift the fake from the real. But @cailinmeister says science rarely offers absolute truths. | The Vegetable Lamb 🔊

@dontfearthekeyboard @gamingonlinux the article is indeed pretty weak, qualifies communities on arbitrary arguments and properties and completely ignores the advantages of distributed services.

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