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Hello world,
Long time linux geek(started in 95) trying out mastodon and checking out the community.

Alright. That's it. I'm deleting my personal Twitter. Step 1 into a fully fediverse social media presence, complete.

From Scott Manley on birdsite.
"CTO Of Vizio confirms that Data collection in Smart TV's is now offsetting the cost of the hardware to the point that a non-Smart TV would have a higher price tag. Just like android phones, user data is used to reduce costs and stay competitive."
That's so gross. #infosec

Since I've been at my work for 1 year they are going to pay for me to take 1 course of my choice (work related) from a local training place.

Naturally I chose: Linux+ !

1 course and 2 tests and I'm certified, finally! This will be my first cert and it's in something that I actually want to learn. Self-study has never worked for me on technical things so a classroom environment will be awesome.

As of yesterday #fdroid now incnludes #vlc media player in it's main repository again! 🎉

Can we not make the default response from a lot of people on the left to Facebook shitting on privacy to be "nationalise tech companies", I don't want the state with a detailed list of everybody I know, every book I read, every place I've been and every dumb thing I've said k thnx

Welcome to the fediverse refugees!

The fediverse is much bigger on than most proprietary services. Here's a couple of tips I've picked up from other people here on how to write toots that are screen-reader friendly:

- add image descriptions for any images
- avoid having emojis in your name - apparently quite annoying when read with screen-readers
- capitalize the first letter of words in hashtags or so screen-readers can distinguish individual words

A win for #opensource in Canada.

* Favour open source solutions
* Favour non-prorietary solutions
* Source for custom-built solutions must be released under open source licenses through Government of Canada sites

See C.2.3.8 for the relevant clauses:

I don't use suse, but after touching obs during meego days I kinda fell in love .. kinda like a long distance thingy... and keep seeing their marketing pitch that always tickles me... Paint it Green - A SUSE Music Parody - Parody of Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones Lyrics by Rick Ashford (Lyrics support team Jeff Price, Tony Oros, Roger Moore and Russ Dastr...

heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like 

with the default settings, "clear", or the delete key, only makes a region transparent but doesn't delete the colour info. it can easily be retrieved

ways to fix this are:
1. uncheck "save colour values from transparent pixels" when exporting
2. put a fresh transparent layer underneath everything, its colour info (pure black) will be saved instead
3. just fill the area with a solid colour instead
3.1. or save as jpeg

My linux story the short version 

I was running windows 7 and it would constantly crash my video editor during rendering and corrupt the file my audio editor would also freeze for no reason

i got tired of it and googled alternative to windows found out about ubuntu12.04LTS got overwhelmed by unity found linux mint learned a lot of stuff like wtf a kernel was


i have been a linux user since then i won't even support windows users with their issues because windows is a pain in the ass

I thought I saw somewhere that ProtonMail has a Linux desktop app. Does anyone know where to get it? Running Mint right now. Didn't find it in the Software Manager. Do I need to have an account first?

when i load a web page ridden with trackers and adware that presents a broken and mutilated version of itself when deprived of javascript, i feel as though i am a carpenter who has just sat in a chair made by another only to have it crumble beneath me. i am ashamed of this craftsperson, of my craft, and of the profiteers who bind us to such crude and petty ways.

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"France is working hard to avoid becoming a digital colony of the US or China. Last month, both the French National Assembly and the French Army Ministry declared that their digital devices would stop using Google as their default search engines. Instead, they will use Qwant, a French and German search engine that prides itself for not tracking its users. "

Whoa, Ubuntu 18.04 is getting 10 years of LTS support.

That's a shots fired to Red Hat.

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