So I just watched this and thought it looked interesting:

With that in mind - what is your dream? What are your obstacles?

How can you help someone else's dream?

I'll leave mine in a reply below.

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I want to start an educational hackerspace to help poor people in my city, specifically a neighborhood that is being actively gentrified with local government money (Franklinton neighborhood, Columbus, OH). Obstacles: I have no professional certifications (for credibility), no money (sole provider for family of 4, working full time + driving Uber), and no time (see money above). I need time to study for certs (I have a personal roadmap) and enough money to take care of home and startup seed.

@dontfearthekeyboard I'm trying to develop my own game engine. I want it to use raytracing, and have lots of physics simulation capabilities.

My biggest obstacles are : finding the time to work on it, Finding the motivation, And learning all the programming necessary to build it.

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