@bluzeo have you considered or tried mindfulness meditation? It's playing the long game because you're changing your subconscious (not a quick fix), but you might notice some improvements over time and it might be a good technique to try in lieu of a meltdown. Worth considering?

Me showing off my OS/dev environment 


Ah, a fan of the suckless tools. Nice! I haven't taken them for a spin yet, but they sit in a favourable place in my "must-check-out-eventually" list.

Thanks for the ping. I'm more motivated to check out these tools now. I have a new ZenBook I need to rebuild soon. Sounds like a good opportunity to check 'em out then.

"... frustrating to watch" 😺 haha!

@malin Librem 5 looks pretty exciting. I hadn't heard of it until I read your post. It looks like they plan to release in Q3. Cool! Maybe I won't upgrade my OnePlus then.

Me showing off my OS/dev environment 

@malin no, I haven't heard of Qutebrowser until now. I'll check it out. I do tend to be a big fan of Firefox because I support the work of Mozilla and its Internet Health and Digital Rights initiatives. But I'll give Qutebrowser a look. Thanks!

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This is how I talk when all my neurons are limber.

A new #podcast about the subtle interactions in groups: the link between status and belonging, the limits of inclusion, good power differences and healthy hierarchies.


On a recommendation from @utzer, this is a post with some hashtags of things I care about: and That's a pretty good start 😉

I'm already so glad Mozilla's IRL podcast (irlpodcast.org) featured Mastodon in their episode on Decentralisation.

They also mentioned Graphite Docs (app.graphitedocs.com) and MaidSafe (maidsafe.net), but unfortunately they didn't mention the decentralised social network I've spent the most time on: Secure Scuttlebutt (scuttlebutt.nz). Maybe next time.

@shitney yes, it's a beautiful day in Auckland today and Albert Park is always a nice place to spend a sunny day 😉

@Charged_Neon Nice! Ruby is really nice. I spent years using it just before NodeJS hit the scene. Any language that was created for "developer happiness" has to be great, right? 😺

Python is good too, but I'm convinced the more I learn about Rust the better I'll become as a dev. Something about it's ownership model really resonates with me.

@Charged_Neon I like lots of 'em, but I spend most of my time in JS and TypeScript. I'm really diggin' Rust lately and am trying to carve out time to play with Elixir. My preference is a functional style. How 'bout you?

Hey everyone. I just joined Mastodon after hearing about it on Mozilla's IRL podcast. This is my first post :) I'm a long time software dev running :archlinux: with :i3wm:.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..