Hey everyone. I just joined Mastodon after hearing about it on Mozilla's IRL podcast. This is my first post :) I'm a long time software dev running :archlinux: with :i3wm:.

@don Greetings traveller. Welcome to the Mastodon, make your self at home.

@don Welcome!

Out of interest, what do you mainly write (language-wise)?

@Charged_Neon I like lots of 'em, but I spend most of my time in JS and TypeScript. I'm really diggin' Rust lately and am trying to carve out time to play with Elixir. My preference is a functional style. How 'bout you?

@don Cool! Very much the same - at work, I mainly write with JS, TypeScript, PHP, and a little Java. At home, I usually write with JS and PHP, and I'm planning to learn more about Ruby and Rust as my next languages to learn, then to cycle back to Python. Though I am a master of none!

Much the same - I prefer functional.

Though, most of my day job entails maintaining either a Java inheritance mess, or procedural PHP using sessions for credentials 😢

@Charged_Neon Nice! Ruby is really nice. I spent years using it just before NodeJS hit the scene. Any language that was created for "developer happiness" has to be great, right? 😺

Python is good too, but I'm convinced the more I learn about Rust the better I'll become as a dev. Something about it's ownership model really resonates with me.

@don welcome to the #Fediverse from over here at #Friendica too. Consider writing a #newhere post with some hashtags of topics you're interested in.

@don Welcome to mastodon! It is a nice place to hang out:-)

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