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This is how I talk when all my neurons are limber.

A new #podcast about the subtle interactions in groups: the link between status and belonging, the limits of inclusion, good power differences and healthy hierarchies.


On a recommendation from @utzer, this is a post with some hashtags of things I care about: and That's a pretty good start 😉

I'm already so glad Mozilla's IRL podcast ( featured Mastodon in their episode on Decentralisation.

They also mentioned Graphite Docs ( and MaidSafe (, but unfortunately they didn't mention the decentralised social network I've spent the most time on: Secure Scuttlebutt ( Maybe next time.

Hey everyone. I just joined Mastodon after hearing about it on Mozilla's IRL podcast. This is my first post :) I'm a long time software dev running :archlinux: with :i3wm:.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..