1.13.0 is out 🎉

I personally like the new jump-to-previous-or-next-prompt feature, and the support for "wm-capabilities", which allows us to skip rendering e.g. the minimize CSD button on compositors that doesn't support the minimize operation.

A kitty keyboard protocol issue affecting neovim and kakoune (and more) users with keyboard layouts with dead keys have been fixed.

Full changelog:

@dnkl Nice project, I didn't know about it until I read this toot of yours. I also like the amount of detailed info in the README and INSTALL.

One question, though: Isn't the logo too close to Gnome's? (In the attached photo I took Gnome's logo from header and foot's logo from the SVG file in your repo)

@Mehrad it's a foot 💁

And in foot's case, the foot alone isn't the logo; it's always inside a terminal.

The foot itself isn't designed by, or for, foot, but is a public, open source image (links and licenses in foot's SVG)

@dnkl Thanks for another stable release of foot. One of the reasons I started using foot was because kitty doesn't support NOT using italic fonts.

I'm looking forward to a stable release of fuzzel. 🙂

@ayushnix working on it, but want to finish custom key bindings first.

@dnkl awesome, custom key bindings in fuzzel would help in my project as well

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