if you're on Arch Linux and you like pandoc, but the haskell upgrade hell it results in drives you mad: there is pandoc-bin in AUR, which doesn't result in this problem by just providing one static binary for pandoc without pulling the entire haskell dependency packages tree.


@cherti I don't.

But I see there's a shellcheck-bin package there, which looks like it will solve the same problem for shellcheck.

Thanks for making me look for it :)

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@cherti looks like the regular shellcheck package was changed some time ago to not depend on all those haskell packages.

I've been having daily haskell update-o-ramas for no reason for who knows how long... :/

@dnkl pactree -r <any-haskell-package> should give you some insight into which package is pulling all those deps, you could try that. if none is explicitly installed, those packages might be unneeded dependencies left over from the past? if they have properly been installed as dependencies, but not removed when removing what pulled them, pacman -Qtd should reveal those, maybe that's a trace?

@cherti yup, they were orphans. I know for sure shellcheck is what pulled them in.

This is a reminder that I should run pacman -Qtd more regularly I guess :)

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