My emails have been getting marked as spam for years by Gmail, and today I got my first actual mailer daemon rejection notice.

I think it's because someone has recently been spoofing my email address and sending spam to the contacts in my old Yahoo! Mail address book. (Down with Yahoo!!)

And seeing as how almost everyone in the US is using Gmail (down with Google! lol), I might have to give up using my cool alias :(

@jt doesn't have SPF+dkim configured?

@dnkl it's just a vanity email address, so i have to use it with my own email service provider, so i guess there's no way to authenticate the two together.


@jt since is a forwarding service only, no.

To send from that address you have to do exactly what spammers do; pretend your sending from when you're actually sending from your ISP's server.

Might be no one has been spoofing your address but they just decided to stop accepting mails from in general.

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