TIL that the systemd devs for a long time entertained the idea of implementing libsystemd-terminal and systemd-consoled. Thankfully, they seem to have reconsidered.

Been using for, I don't know, many years now, but decided to give a serious try. Let's see how this goes...

1.13.0 is out 🎉

I personally like the new jump-to-previous-or-next-prompt feature, and the support for "wm-capabilities", which allows us to skip rendering e.g. the minimize CSD button on compositors that doesn't support the minimize operation.

A kitty keyboard protocol issue affecting neovim and kakoune (and more) users with keyboard layouts with dead keys have been fixed.

Full changelog: codeberg.org/dnkl/foot/release

Well, just awesome...

I ordered home delivery of furniture, between 17:00 and 22:00.

Delivery guy calls over an hour ahead (instructions said 15-30 min). I don't pick up, do he decides I'm not home and cancels the delivery. Then turns off his phone (I tried to call back multiple times).

Called the company I bought the furniture from; "we tried to call him, but he doesn't pick up". I'm like, yeah, I know. So, got to reschedule for another day 😴.

At least I got the money back for the delivery.

Harfbuzz 5.1.0 has been released, and includes the patch for broken bitmap fonts. Yay for .

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If you use the ZSH snippet from the wiki to emit OSC-7 on PWD changes in , you might want to add this to the top of the osc7() function:

local LC_ALL=C
export LC_ALL


5.0 breaks bitmap font rendering in and all other based applications (assuming fcft has been built with harfbuzz support, of course).


Fix has been pushed to harfbuzz, but as far as I can tell, has not yet been released.

Is there a way to stop d-bus from autostarting services?

I mean completely disable it, not just shadow individual services.

just got support for jumping between prompts!

Been using it for about one day, and already cannot image going without it :)


@omnipotens just saw the "Always send e-mail notifications" option. Let's see if that makes a difference...

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Anyone else here on linuxrocks that hasn't been getting email notifications for some time now?


Anyone else having issues with RAID devices gone missing on (or ) after updating to kernel 5.18?

Trying to convince IKEA that it's their mail servers that are broken, not mine.

I did get them to file an internal issue report. But, I don't have much hope anyone will actually look into it...

Trying instead of as init system.

Liking it so far. dinit is a bit more user friendly than s6.

Not sure if there's a bug in s6, the kernel, or if it's a "feature", but with s6 I had a lot more wakeups per second, which is bad for the battery.

I've been working on OT-SVG support in the whole day, and is finally starting to get somewhere...


TIL has its own input methods (should have known...).

Who needs Wayland IMEs when there's (set-input-method) and (toggle-input-method) :D

Arch now has emacs, emacs-nox and emacs-nativecomp packages. But no emacs-nox-nativecomp :/

Luckily, community packages are just plain PKGBUILDs that are easy to hack :D

~% pacman -Qi emacs-nox-nativecomp
Name : emacs-nox-nativecomp
Version : 28.1-6

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