How to do a "Profile-guided optimization" build of the foot.

A PGO build is ~30% faster than a "normal" release build. The exact numbers depend on what you're running, CPU etc etc. Point is: it is much faster.

Turns out to be a regression specific to the O2+PGO combo.

The work around was simple enough: use -O3 instead of -O2.

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Seeing a ~20-40% performance drop in PGO builds with 10.1, compared to gcc 9.3 :/

Mouse support?

(require 'xt-mouse)
(xterm-mouse-mode t)

Nicer looking buffer dividers?

(set-display-table-slot standard-display-table 'vertical-border ?│)

Don't like the blinking cursor?

(setq visible-cursor nil)

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Should the auto-detection not work, you can also set 'xterm-extra-capabilities' to force-enable them.

For example 'modifyOtherKeys', to map even more keys.

Or 'setSelection' and/or 'getSelection' to use the terminal's OSC52 support to directly integrate with the system clipboard without using e.g. xclip or wl-copy)

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Better Emacs terminal experience in non-xterm (but xterm compatible) terminals, using 'foot' as an example:

(add-to-list 'term-file-aliases '("foot" . "xterm"))

This will make Emacs define key sequences for all function keys, and modifier combinations (M-..., C-...).

It will also try to query the terminal for version info to enable more key sequences and features.

New release of foot, the fast and native is out.

Configurable keyboard- and mouse bindings, Unicode combining characters, performance improvements and more.

Get it on @codeberg

Or if you are on Arch, install it from .

Only sway itself has been "fixed". Swaybar and swaynag etc don't even compile.

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Sway user?

I got fed up with pango's (not) rendering of bitmap fonts.

Since Sway is just about the only thing I use which depends on pango, I created a Sway fork where I render the text in the title bars myself.

Top it off with a misspelled commit message 😂

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@kde looks like kwin/Wayland clears (forgets) surface damage when a buffer is a attached.

I.e you have to *first* attach a buffer, *then* apply damage (and finally commit).


@Linuxkompis från hemsidan: "IRC må vara gammalt, men det är ett väl fungerande alterantiv för..."

"Alterantiv"? ;)

What do you get when you combine a large address space, memfd, mmap, fallocate(FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE) and ftruncate()?

A zero-copy scrolling buffer, *much* faster than memmoving the content!

(I'm considering what options I should add to

Btw,I guess I should have included "not at all" in the poll...

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"thank you for spreading out" is scrolling on the electronic signs in the Subway.

They must have forgotten this is Sweden. We do that without being asked to...

How would you prefer to configure your terminal emulator's initial window state (windowed, maximized, fullscreen)?

(Boosts welcome)

What kind of scaling do you use with your HiDPI monitor?

I just released foot 1.2.0 (and 1.2.1 😅 )

Foot is a bare bones fast and lightweight .

Hosted on :

Would you like a super fast, lightweight, Wayland native, no fuzz no frills terminal emulator?

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