To everyone who suggested 'bat' for cat:ing patch files, thanks!

Really liking it so far!

What's the go-to solution for viewing diffs (i.e patch files) in the terminal, with colors?

E.g 'cat foobar.patch', but with colors?

Any users out there running it under KDE/Plasma?

Looking for testers of a performance improving PR:

The task would be to verify that a) it actually works (i.e. no rendering glitches, at least no more than usual 😂 ), and b) it improves performance.

Reverted to 5.11. The backlight was eating the battery for breakfast...

First time in many years something breaks like this.

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Linux 5.12 broke my laptop's backlight. Yay :/

Guess I should be happy it's stuck at 100% and not 0% though...

Just merged:

Improved 'bell' configuration in . Most importantly, the ability to execute a custom command, regardless of whether the window is focused or not.

And once has been implemented, things will look really good :)

I hear Sway has a new default terminal emulator.

Rasterizing an anti-aliased curve is annoyingly difficult...

Spent half the day programming C pre-processor macros :/

@selea jag får "SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired"-fel mot sen idag, tror jag.

Working on text shaping in fcft, primarily for fancy, and *very* important things like emoji ZWJ sequences.

But looks like we now, almost by accident, also supports RTL scripts, like arabic, even when mixed with LTR scripts.

At least it _looks_ right, to someone like me who has no clue what he's doing... 😂

It's that time again... for another release!

1.7.2 is out 🎉

* pywal no longer turns foot windows transparent
* change selection fg/bg at runtime (used by e.g. pywal)
* fixed regression in the escapes sent for certain key combinations
* new value, 'palette-based', for the bold-text-in-bright option.
* underline cursor is now visible on underlined text
* new option: box-drawings-uses-font-glyphs=yes|no

Don't like the new line- and box drawing characters in 1.7?

The next release will have an option to revert to the old behavior, where font glyphs are used instead.

Trying out the base16-default-dark color theme.

I've been using solarized-dark for a couple of years. While I like it, there's too much blue in it in my opinion.

Might just have found a worthy replacement :)

Fun with sixel and git commit messages:

Beware! This *will* crash (on the second run) , unless you run a build that has (latest git HEAD at the moment).

It's there a way to specify optional make dependencies in Arch PKGBUILD files?

The man page suggests it isn't...

Note that URL handling is a bit different in foot compared to other terminal emulators.

TL;DR - it's keyboard driven:

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1.7.0 is out 🎉

The big new thing is URLs - both auto detected and OSC-8 based URLs.

Another pretty big thing is that foot now renders box drawing characters itself, instead of using font glyphs.

We've also added support for transparent sixels, improved double- and triple-click selection, and more :)

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