Skiing for the first time in ~20 years. No broken bones so far!

Only bad thing: today is the first day in weeks it's above freezing point.

In URL mode, there's a new key binding available: "toggle-url-visible". It toggles between showing, and not showing, the actual URL on the jump label. Useful when the text on screen isn't an URL. It is bound to 't' by default.

Since OSC-8 URLs can be hard to spot, there is an option in foot to always underline OSC-8 URLs, even outside "URL mode". They still cannot be clicked, or activated in any way without first entering URL mode. But it does make their presence known.


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It can be useful with normal looking URLs too; one problem with auto-detected URLs is that if the application has line-wrapped an URL, the terminal might detect only the first part of it. Think multiple panes, as in tmux, or weechat.

Foot re-uses a lot of the current infrastructure for handling URLs in its OSC-8 support. This means it's keyboard driven - enter URL mode to open them .


Show thread continues the work of URLs in . This time, adding support for OSC-8. OSC-8 is an escape sequence that allows an appliation to emit HTML anchor style URLs.

This is very different from auto-detect URLs where the terminal does pattern matching and highlights what it thinks *look* like URLs. With OSC-8, there's no more guessing.


I really like how they used "please" in the descriptions of the commands being sent to a piece of hardware.

Running on ?

Having issues with the window not closing when pressing ctrl+d, or by running 'exit'?

Fix for this is now available in the latest git version.

In many cases (i.e. when there aren’t too many URLs on the screen), a single key is enough. Foot tries to assign easily accessible keys first (assuming a qwerty layout); for example, ‘f’ and ‘j’ are the first two keys used.

There’s also a very similar mode, not assigned a shortcut by default, that instead of opening the URL copies it to the clipboard.

The PR is still marked as WIP, but I believe it is feature complete enough for early testers to have a go:


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Perhaps that will change now that I got to design the feature the way _I_ want it.

URLs in foot is *not* clickable. Instead, the feature is completely keyboard driven. Pressing ctrl+shift+u (can be changed, of course) will show “jump labels” next to all detected URLs, as well as underlining the URLs themselves (all using configurable colors). To launch an URL you type the letter sequence indicated on the jump label.


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URL support is coming to .

This is a feature that wasn’t obvious it should be added to foot. Foot still claims to be minimalistic. The meaning of that is subjective though, and for some, URLs is crossing the border. For others, it is a core feature that simply *must* be available.

I myself have wavered back and forth. Most likely because up until now, I haven’t really used URLs in other terminal emulators, _at all_. Not clickable URLs, not URLs-piped-to-external-tools.


1.6.3 released!


* FreeBSD support
* IME - report cursor rectangle
* Fish shell completions
* Lots of bug fixes

has been ported to FreeBSD, thanks to Jan Beich!

It's available in latest git, and has also been backported to the 1.6 release branch, and will be officially included in the upcoming 1.6.3 point release.

But, it is already available as a port:

With (1.6 and later) , you can automatically enable/disable IME when you enter/leave vim's insert mode:

The technique can of course be applied to any terminal application that lets you send custom escapes to the terminal.

1.6.0 is out!

Lots of new features, options and bug fixes in this one. Some highlights are:

* IME support
* Improved behavior on output scaled monitors
* Drag and drop
* pipe-* actions in mouse bindings
* and more...

Latest git version of fcft ( got support for "fontfeatures".

For , this means you can now use alternative "stylistic sets" in OpenType fonts.

(No more looped 'k' characters in Fantasque Sans Mono 🙃 )

And it is in!

@toast if you don't want IME, you don't have to do anything. If you do want it, add -DFOOT_IME_ENABLED=1

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