A small victory: foot finally restores its window size correctly when being un-tiled on e.g. Gnome.

Yet another patch release of foot!

1.5.2 fixes a "double paste in e.g. vim" regression.


Any users here running plain Arch (not Manjaro) that has working hardware accelerated video decoding/playing?

Latest git version of now has support for "fake"* urgency hinting on 'bell'.

Enable by setting the new option 'bell=set-urgency'. Foot will now render the margins in red when it receives a BEL when the window is unfocused.

* there is nothing (yet) in that corresponds to the X11 'urgency' hint.


is a small Wayland wallpaper application for Wayland compositors implementing the layer-shell protocol.

The only required dependencies are the wayland client libraries, pixman, and one of (or both) libpng or libjpeg.

It can currently display a single image, scaled-to-fit, on all monitors.

If there's enough interest, support for per-monitor images would be easy to add.


Heads up to all users with a trackpad.

I just merged a bug fix that (should) align the trackpad scroll speed with the mouse scroll speed, *and* makes foot's trackpad scroll speed consistent with other Wayland applications.

But, this means the trackpad scroll speed is now much slower compared to before. To sort of alleviate this, the default value of the scrollback.multiplier option was changed from 1.0 to 3.0.


Finally! Foot-1.5.0 has been released 🎉

Lots of new configuration options and bug fixes. Some of the major changes and additions are:

* Config moved from .config/footrc to .config/foot/foot.ini
* Scrollback position indicator
* Fully configurable mouse bindings
* Configurable key bindings for scrollback search
* Configurable selection colors
* Optional support for double-width PUAs (aka support for Nerd Fonts, Powerline etc)

Looking for a graphing calculator app for android. Preferably free and no bullshit...


I just released 2.2.7, with a single change: downscaled bitmap fonts (e.g. emoji fonts) are lanczos3 filtered. This greatly improves the visual quality.

Old one to the left, new one to the right:

How fast is ? When is it fast? When is it not?

Get the answer here: codeberg.org/dnkl/foot/wiki/Pe

Feedback appreciated; everything from simple spelling mistakes, to content, to the tone and so on.

I wanted to write this since performance has been one of the motivations for me when writing foot. I do realize most people don't care, as long as it's fast enough, but some of you might be interested :)

@raichoo me included. It at least sounds like something that could work for me. I never tried any similar WMs while on X11, but have been trying out river. It still isn't mature enough, but it will be interresting to see what it will become.

Hikari appears, at least on paper, to not be quite right for me, but I still want to try it out "for real". Sometimes the best changes are the unexpected ones.

Any FreeBSD hacker out there who'd be interested in finishing an aaaaalmost complete port of foot, a ?

The PR is here: codeberg.org/dnkl/foot/pulls/1

It's gone a bit stale, but shouldn't be too hard to bring up to date. The only thing remaining is porting the terminfo.

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