Would you like a super fast, lightweight, Wayland native, no fuzz no frills terminal emulator?


Hey , is there no way to turn off subpixel positioning in on Linux?

I figured I had to do this at least once...

Sway with minimal gaps. Mostly terminals, though there's a Firefox instance on another workspace... That's about it.

So, I've been looking for a way to change the log message format in syslog-ng.

The main purpose being to include more meta information, such as the log _facility_ and _priority_.

FInally found out how to do that. There's a template() function that can be used in destinations:

destination d_system { file("/var/log/system.log") template("$DATE [$FACILITY|$PRIORITY] $PROGRAM[$PID]: $MSG\n")); };

I also wrote a simple cat-like program to parse this and colorize the output.

@hund @Katsudon I'll try codeberg "for real" for a while.

Finding a hosted and free CI service that integrates with gitea (or any non-github/gitlab/bitbucket service for that matter) turned out to be harder than expected.

So, while evaluating, I'll simply set up my gitlab repositories to mirror codeberg (and notabug, if I decide to test that one too). This let's me piggy-back on gitlab's CI...

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This was a terminal benchmark comparison between Alacritty and my hobby project - a Wayland native terminal emulator.

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Software vs. GPU accelerated rendering: 1-0

% time cat alt-random
... system 31% cpu 1,026 total

% time cat alt-random
... system 53% cpu 0,597 total

But I fully expect alacritty to win big if the system is put under load...

I'm looking for git hosting suggestions, preferably in the EU.

I currently use gitlab but would like to move to something outside of the US.

I don't really use much of the gitlab features, but some way to do CI would be nice.

I'd rather not self-host.

Anyone know how to get syslog-ng to include the log level (priority) in the logged messages?

Oh well. Hopefully all monitors are high DPI soon🙏

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How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus - The Atlantic

What I find interesting is that this article was written nearly four years ago, and the very behaviors talked about (content warnings, , etc) are prevalent all over

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#ArchLinux package manager "pacman" flaw could allow remote attacker to execute arbitrary code as root.
"Notably, this bypasses pacman's package signature checking."

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It isn't just software making things sluggish of course:


I wouldn't have thought 30+ ms of latency would be common, at least not with keyboards meant for hackers and gamers. That may not seem too bad by itself but you have to remember that there's also going to be display lag added on at the other end.

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So, it's not just i3. Sway does it too. Meaning it's probably systemd's fault.

Maybe it *is* time to switch...

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Anyone else having problems with i3 logging out completely instead of simply exiting the X-session?

I.e I start i3 manually from a console. Then, when I exit i3, it not only exits, but also logs me out.

It didn't use to be like this, and it's annoying.

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Rust doesn't have a specification
Therefore all Rust code is undefined behavior
Therefore Rust has more undefined behavior than C
Therefore Rust < C
Checkmate athiests

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