Unicode 13 "wedges", used in e.g. (not yet released) is on it's way to

I'm back on again, but with a twist.

I replaced the 8 bright colors in my terminal color scheme (which in solarized aren't really "bright" colors) with brightened variants of the 8 base colors.

I find this makes unsolarized applications look better.

Editors etc use 24-bit color schemes anyway, meaning I get the full solarized experience even with a butchered terminal color scheme.

How did I survive this long without noscript?

TIL that pinentry-qt (and presumable the other GUI variants) falls back to pinentry-curses if DISPLAY isn't set (or --display is used). Even if configured for native Wayland.

In essence - you need to have xwayland running.

@selea looks like the SSL certificate has expired on mirror.linux.pizza?

Window title in CSDs! This has been missing in long enough...

(we _do_ support antialiasing, but I like my bitmap fonts)

1.8.2 is out πŸŽ‰

This release brings a couple of memory usage improvements, and fixes for memory leaks.

But (almost) more importantly, it has an improved renderer that handles "overflowing", or "bleeding" glyphs. This includes certain "wide" italic fonts, where the glyphs "lean" into the next cell, icon fonts, and legacy single-width emojis.

This supersedes the tweak.allow-overflowing-double.width-gyphs" hack.


Looks like may not be all Weston's fault; the in-memory layout of pixman's formats depend on the endianness.

I.e. pixman's ARGB has the blue bits first in memory on little-endian, but last on big-endian.

From what I can tell, Waylands SHM formats are defined by their memory layout. So ARGB always as the blue bits first in memory, regardless of endianness.

I have a couple of fixes, for bitmap fonts, colored fonts, and colors in general. But wont be able to test until tomorrow :/

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Finally got PPC64 running in Qemu. No 3D, sway doesn't even start. But Weston does, with the pixman (software) renderer.

Colors are all wrong, but it's wrong *everywhere*, not just in .

Are there known issues with Weston, with or without the pixman renderer, on big endian archs?

Glyphs from bitmap fonts are mirrored. That's definitely a bug in fcft.

TrueType fonts look ok. There may be issues with antialiasing, but it's hard to tell with all colors being off.

What would be the easiest option to set up a ppc64be linux in Qemu?

Or any other big-endian architecture...

It must have a graphical environment where I can run Wayland.

Looking for something like "download this disk image and start qemu with this command line"... :)

I just released 1.8.1 πŸŽ‰

This releases fixes a rather embarrassing bug: custom URL key bindings not working at all.

We've also added new terminfo capabilities, that should make 24-bit colors work in e.g. tmux and neovim without any configuration hacks.

Finally, grapheme cluster width now defaults to at most 2 cells. This will likely break many applications, and for this reason there's a new tweak option to revert to the old behavior.

Full changelog at codeberg.org/dnkl/foot/release

Next release of (1.8.1) will most likely have support for improved width calculation of grapheme clusters.

This will break almost all applications (cursor getting out of sync), but the idea is to give application developers a playground.

There will of course be a foot.ini option to switch between the current and the new width calculation.


1.8.0 is out πŸŽ‰


* Grapheme shaping (i.e. emoji sequences)
* XDG activation support ("urgency")
* -o,--override command line option to set/override foot.ini options
* Much improved performance of interactive window resize
* Tabs are now preserved when copying text
* Blend sixels emitted on top of each other

... and lots more: codeberg.org/dnkl/foot/release

After 10 months, the harfbuzz PR has been merged in

This adds *experimental*, opt-in support for grapheme cluster segmentation and grapheme shaping. I.e. fancy emojis like πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦.

It can be completely disabled at compile-time.

When compile-time enabled, you still need to run-time enable it by setting tweak.grapheme-shaping=yes.

Regarding bloat: at least PGO:d binaries are *smaller* after the merge...

And did I mention that handling combining characters in general is faster than before?

Increase run-time memory usage in with 30%, get curly underlines?


/msg NickServ DROP dnkl

That's that.

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