foot on Arch, PSA 

Starting with yesterdays release, foot now ships a couple of example themes (color schemes).

Initially, the theme files were included in the "foot" AUR package, but have now been split out into a separate package, "foot-themes".

(the idea with the theme files is you "include" them in the main foot.ini conf file)

How do drop ~5K of code (machine instructions, not source code) just by refactoring:

No, size optimizing wasn't the end goal here, just a pleasant surprise.

Yes, 5K is "nothing". Still, a 5K size reduction without really removing anything is pretty neat.

foot in Arch linux 

ncurses-6.3 is now in "core", and the foot AUR packages have been updated.

Update foot and foot-terminfo first, then do the system update.

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foot in Arch linux 

* To use the entries from foot-terminfo, set "term=foot-extra" in ~/.config/foot/foot.ini

Until ncurses hits "core", there will be no package providing the "foot" terminfo. This is obviously a problem. Hopefully, ncurses will be moved to core before I update the AUR packages...

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foot in Arch linux 

Ncurses-6.3 is now in "testing". Since it now ships with foot terminfo definitions, we have a conflict with the foot-terminfo package.

To handle this, a couple of changes will be pushed to the AUR packages within the next couple of days:

* foot-terminfo will be turned into an optional dependency
* The terminfo entries in foot-terminfo will be renamed to foot-extra and foot-extra-direct
* Foot will still default to TERM=foot. That is, it will prefer the ncurses version


I was working on to improve the support for emoji presentation selectors, and accidentally fixed mixed LTR/RTL!

ISP rant 

My ISP occasionally updates my router's firmware, OTA. This usually wipes all my settings.

I can sort of live with that. It's annoying, but it doesn't happen too often...

This time, not only did they wipe all settings. They also changed the password. Without informing me.

I asked them about why they reset everything, and if, by any chance, they had changed the password.

They admitted to changing the password, but completely ignored all other questions. Great customer service...

Did you know that "ls" can emit OSC-8 hyperlinks?

ls --hyperlink=always|auto|never

How to get frame perfection in on a multi-monitor setup: make the first frame completely transparent...

just got nanosvg support!

This is an alternative SVG backend, bundled with fuzzel. It has no additional dependencies.

This means that you can get SVGs in fuzzel without depending on Cairo.

My project (notification daemon) uses to render SVG icons.

I've always thought the rendered icons looked bad, compared to the ones rendered by librsvg. I chalked it up to nanosvg being "simple stupid" [sic].

Turns out /I'm/ stupid.

Nanosvg produces RGBA output that is NOT pre-multiplied.

But, pixman expects pre-multiplied color channels.

Blend a non-premultplied image as if it was pre-multiplied, and the result is, well, crap.

With 1.9.1/1.9.2 released; did you know that you can now do a PGO build just by running the pgo/ script?

PGO builds are both faster and smaller than regular release builds.

Just noticed that the icon theme has a icon 😊

Switched from to on my installation.

Looking good so far!

with the backend.

Chafa uses its backend.

Background opacity is 75%.

chafa-1.8 enables sixels on foot by default.

If you prefer non-sixel output, try "chafa --symbols border+block+stipple+sextant+wedge" with foot >= 1.9!

The Arch AUR packages have been updated, and should fix all issues.

Note that it may be necessary to remove the old build directory.

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If anyone is having terminfo issues with the 1.9.0 release, please see

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