has been ported to FreeBSD, thanks to Jan Beich!

It's available in latest git, and has also been backported to the 1.6 release branch, and will be officially included in the upcoming 1.6.3 point release.

But, it is already available as a port: freshports.org/x11/foot/

With (1.6 and later) , you can automatically enable/disable IME when you enter/leave vim's insert mode:


The technique can of course be applied to any terminal application that lets you send custom escapes to the terminal.

1.6.0 is out!

Lots of new features, options and bug fixes in this one. Some highlights are:

* IME support
* Improved behavior on output scaled monitors
* Drag and drop
* pipe-* actions in mouse bindings
* and more...


Latest git version of fcft (codeberg.org/dnkl/fcft) got support for "fontfeatures".

For , this means you can now use alternative "stylistic sets" in OpenType fonts.

(No more looped 'k' characters in Fantasque Sans Mono 🙃 )

And it is in!

@toast if you don't want IME, you don't have to do anything. If you do want it, add -DFOOT_IME_ENABLED=1

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1.5.4 is out!

This is a bug fix release, and most likely the last one before 1.6.

Mostly keypad and key mapping fixes, one crash fix and a few others.


@georgia @e @amk @ayo @twosecslater @diego

Thanks for all the suggestions! Since revolution IRC was a reoccuring suggestion, I'm going to test it first, together with my znc bouncer.

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Which Android IRC client would you recommend?

Because I finally installed an IRC bouncer... 😂

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I spent at least an hour today trying to figure out why Emacs refused to recognize most S-<key> combos. For example, C-S-Alt would be recognized as C-Alt.

Turns out Emacs do recognize them, but automatically converts any unbound shift combo to the corresponding unshifted combo. Including 'describe-key' 🤦‍♂️

I just enabled "xkb_options ctrl:swapcaps_and_switch_layout". It's going to take some getting used to...

Hopefully my wrist will thank me.

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