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Somehow missed this document before - Report on the Character of Six Hundred Tornadoes - 1884 aoml.noaa.gov/general/graphics

Note to self - before getting into debate on govt. funding, check to see if you are debating someone whose job is govt. funded. Because if so then it isn’t a ‘debate’ - it’s self-preserving propaganda.

Plenty of room for expansion, except no case slots line up with that one slot on the board...

Spent a good part of the morning consolidating passwords. Cleaned everything out of the browsers, merged it all with an export from a recent 1Password test. Imported all that into LastPass and crawled through that to reduce the entries from over 1,000 down to a mere 573.

Most of that was leftovers from my previous I.T. job and a stint as a front-end web dev. Still *way* too many left in there.

tfw you realize that the ratio of stupid/smart people on the internet is the same as real life, and that being on the internet vastly increases your exposure to this ratio. The internet makes it easier for the world's idiots to contact you. At least in real life it's easier to navigate this. For example, neo-nazis are much more likely to harass you on Twitter vs. your local coffee shop. The internet is the idiot's playground.

White denial 

So if you're white and you're not fighting the hate and racism you see around you, spare me the quasi-intellectual non-sense to try and 'explain' why racism is so persistent.

It's not complicated. Racism is still a force in America b/c white people LOVE it. White people love hate. And those that say they don't allow the hateful to speak for them so it doesn't matter anyway.

Until white people do something to stop the hate coming from that culture, I don't want to hear it.

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Restaurant just played Ranchera version of Rolling on the River. It was ... diferente

Finally got parts ordered for my ! Dealer throwing in Win10+Office2016 because why not?

bad enough when your feed is 95% boosts - worse when it's 50% from the birbsite *unfollow*

c'mon people, have some original thoughts, will ya?

wanted: work

I am a copywriter, although I could do a lot of different kinds of writing. I bet I could do technical writing, if it came up. I know about marketing but honestly I don't like doing it very much.

I'm also an editor! And a regular writer! And a lot of other things!

If you know someone who needs me, or what I can do, please suggest me. I'm good at what I do and unemployed!


Hey @dajbelshaw@social.coop - you still using Lesspass?

You can tell by my mirror-image avatar that I’m the... 


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