The Linux App Summit(LAS) is coming soon, November 12-15 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. Put on by both KDE and GNOME, and sponsored by Canonical, OpenSuse, and a local team Barcelona Free Software, with the goal of improving and accelerating Linux Application development. Information can be found online at

Little update everyone, I have become a contributor to GNOME, helping out with the Engagement Team. Helping with social media outreach, special projects, and other things that might come up that's in my wheel box. This is an exciting new part of my Linux Journey!

I've been bit by the i3 bug, tiling is my thing now LOL

I am excited to say I successfully installed NextCloud and am backing up my photos from my phone!!

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Folks I don't know how many of you know Greg @G_Dog1985 he has been a essential part of LR since the beginning and is still the person who does all the maintenance to the server to keep us updated and secure.

He has unfortunately fell on some difficult times. He has had cancer for sometime and his grandpa is also ill and cannot work leaving it all on the shoulders of his mother to support the house. If you have any pocket change to share here is a good cause

Need Advice: Looking at GPU's
I need a low profile GPU that will work with a 250 W PSU.
Cant really upgrade PSU except maybe big MAYBE to a 300W. Got a small case the size of a VCR.

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(Please RT) How would you feel about news publications hosting their own Mastodon instances?

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Yeah sex is great but have you ever been the first person to add a reaction emoji to a Discord/Slack message and then a bunch of people also use it, thereby validating the long, disparate string of life choices you made to bring you to that moment in time?

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some surprising sustainability 

I am running down, think I might take a nap. 💤

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And winner of most misleading Linux article of the year: Znet and Fossbytes! Weeee...

They went from "KDE and Gnome are collaborating on the Linux Application Summit" to "They are becoming one and creating a new desktop together!!!11!!" and then started quoting each other as sources it seems, now others are using THEM as source.

Seriously we GOT to be better, or at least not call it "journalism" - which actually is a term with some requirements.

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PLEASE HELP;; EMERGENCY; stuck in the desert with dogs, RV broke down 

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