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Nice of Lenovo to send someone to DebConf to talk about Linux on Lenovo hardware. Interesting for those like me with a love of Debian on Thinkpads.

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#debian wiki was a great resource during my last installation. I found these especially useful:

Upgrading stable release to testing

Install Nvidia drivers

Enable Prime GPU offloading

Switch Pulseaudio to Pipewire

@bignose i am not from DET but i have experience with packaging deb to upstream though sponsored DD. Have you able to package it locally?

Felix Lechner look cool too, but I have once send email to trademark team and not getting any response. It have been 2 years dude. He likely want all debian's to be happy. It not an easy task.. anyway, lot of people say not happy with Debian. Can he make this people happy?

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Hideki Yamane aka henrich look like he not good with english but his contribution and the way of think and doing likely bring a lot significant impact. Thanks for shrink Debian package archive by XZ compression. Japan Debian local community look like running very well too.

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Jonathan Carter aka highvoltage have been running DPL for 2 times in row. To be honest, I did not see any new significant changes but for sure, from all the previous candidate. He was the best, but this time (2022) look like all candidate are cool and awesome.

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Selamat berpuasa kepada semua muslim, Maaf kami dari wish lewat. Sibuk skit :P

Nope! There is always love & hate happen on debian projects and it community. Recently there quite lots of users, DD & DM start a war. But Debian still the lovely and beautiful. On others side everyone are really concern on quality of each Debian release.

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@itsfoss2@twitter.com Debian is a peaceful distro

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It was sad to see Norbert Preining leaving Debian. At same time I feel angry to Debian ways of doing thing.

Tak pernah cuba pi-hole sebelum ini. Baru sahaja install dan deploy pada VPS. Kemudian yang guna IP peer vps yang sama point pada IP VPS yang sama, aku rasa VPN lebih tangkas. Banyak ads dan tracker kene blok bila query DNS. Nice tools!

Another great resource for are vSIDo.org forums but since web2.0 hitting the internet, most of discussion forums lost theirs users and new discussions. Anyway, there is lots of hints and tips inside 👍

@saxnot hurmm.. Depending on how you feel about it. For production or something critical (for you) and needs to be stable as much as possible, then "stable" release is recommended.

Anyway, I use testing for my server because i know what I doing (and always aware if any 0day shit happens) and sid on my personal workstation because a need for new packages and libs.

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Debian hits the mark with bug # 1,000,000. Thank you to all of our Developers, Contributors, and users who helped us reach (and fix) this milestone. dlvr.it/SCqXh1

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@shakil_tcs as far I know, take another direction to provide non-free firmware on all installation media. During installation, pick "expert install" to avoid auto install non-free firmware

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« The name brings to mind a distribution, but the Debian project is far more than that; it is an ongoing experiment in democratic project . » Well said! lwn.net/Articles/872710/

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This is awesome, maybe one day any IT company in Malaysia can onboard debian contributer like clear-code

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