Aktivis, pengguna & pembangun perisian di pernah gah dan hampir menjadi peganti mainstream iaitu perisian sumber tertutup / berbayar / tiada ketelusan () tapi ia ansur pudar dan mungkin hilang. Di mana silap nya?

If you are using and want , you can add Fast Track repository (fasttrack.debian.net/) , it not available directly on debian official repo because of upstream on security support are not so good. It better to use / for alternative

If you use flatpak and uninstall some package, thus data still on your machine. use command "flatpak uninstall --delete-data"

It will ask you for the deletion confirmation for each app you uninstalled but haven’t deleted data for.

5. Last tips, consider using LVM or btrfs file system , so you can rollback to the last snapshot if unexciting thing happen :)

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The server we use for IRC-Matrix-Telegram bridge have been downgrade today. Now it running using 1CPU and 2GB of RAM. It a minimal server but still good enough for bridge purposes, it use Debian Bullseye 👍

Curious on what package version on backport and other release?

Simply, check with rmadison:

$ rmadison <pkg_name> --architecture amd64

Remember some accidents where someone rm -rf important systems file or project file? The famous one are accidents. If you want to play safe. Install "safe-rm" package and set "rm" alias to "safe-rm - i - v" then reload bash environment.

You can just use "/etc/safe-rm.conf" or set you own rules there. It written using perl. The another alternative are "rmfd" package which written using C is a fork of gnu coreutils


When you remove packages from your machine, there is possibly configuration file are still left out on your disk.

Check it now with "dpkg --list |grep '^rc' |awk '{print $2}'"

To remove thus packages
"apt-get purge -y $(dpkg --list |grep '^rc' |awk '{print $2}')" and

"apt-get autoremove -y"


If you want to check which package use the most of your precious disk space, you can query "dpkg-query -W -f='${Installed-Size;10}\t${Package}\n' | sort -n" on you terminal and check the last output from the lists. Mine are 😂

If you are using on debian, please also use to keep your content, metadata and directory structure are confidential

Check cryfs.org/howitworks


Use because this desktop environment looks like win10, and you just have a joke with your non friends that it is win11 and they really believe in it 😎