Pretty confident you can manually adjust the type of content you’re watching in Shorts just by scrolling faster until you hit something new

Hey y’all what’re some pretty websites you’ve been on recently?

Pretty sure I like Go because it gives you all the fun parts of memory management and none of the dreary repetitive blunder

Hot take: all programs with a proprietary/obfuscated file format should have an option to export your data either as a CSV or JSON.

Every time I try to jump into C++ from Go or Rust I get flummoxed by how difficult it is to work with text. I’m talking strings, chars, and char arrays. It feels like the only language that doesn’t have a sensible way for working with text.

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Web developers, how do you mostly write your CSS?

Just saw a random neighbor give his dog a massive hug and I’ve never had such an appreciation for another man’s life.

Web developers, how do you mostly write your CSS?

I think a healthy middle ground would be having a prominent community run package resource that users could submit their own packages and provide links to their Git, Fossil, Hg repos. The service could then pull information from the repos, letting users search for packages, see how maintained they are, and install what they expect.

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Hare’s pretty cool but I disagree with the core team about not having a package manager. It’s unrealistic to expect every developer to roll their own HashMap or web server. Depending on distro package managers has faults too. Many distro package managers have poor discoverability. How do you know what library you need without Googling through unrepeatable tutorial sites?

If you’re interested in Hare, a super new low-level go/c/rust inspired language check out my ANSI terminal colors lib

I need to update my bio. Both of my sites no-longer work 😅

If anyone’s a Rust developer could you help me debug a “Expected expression, found ‘}’” issue?

Been thinking about getting into JS but taking myself into learning NPM isn’t going well 😂

Been spending a lot of time in Go over the past few months. It’s definitely my most productive language. My only criticism would be that it needs an easier way to interact with libs that won’t remove all the flexibility of Go.

I’d like it if the Go linker/compiler would hash personal information like file paths in the final build so as to maintain the convince of all the information, but without that potential risk.

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But, for programs that might put users in danger like VPNs in Iran or encrypted messengers in Russia. Having that kind of information packaged in a dispensable binary could put the author at risk and help authoritarians mitigate peoples freedom.

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This info is fine to include in practice. It makes authenticating legitimate binaries easier, package management simpler, and there’s no harm in having function names be public.

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