Hey guys, what flavor of are you using ?
users, now's your time for a nice "I use Arch btw" flex.
As for me: I use btw.

You low-levelers will probably just say .

lovers, you are also welcome to reply to this post !




Thinkpad x220:Arch with KDE-Plasma
Neoware m100: Debian No-X pure tty framebuffer
Acer ZG5: AspireOS (aros based Amiga like may change to icaros at some point)
HP 8430: windows xp for retro-ish gaming

Lots of other laptops to give a purpose to when motivation allows

@jason @architect
This looks fun !
I run on my old laptop (an with an i7-4500U) on a RAID0 SSD setup.
And for my main rig, I run on a beastly 1950X that I use a lot for , , and ; I game on it as well 😜

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