So series are out. We're seeing +15 % IPC and clocks up to 4.6 GHz.
A massive hit with the Ryzen 9 3900X and its 12c/24t beating out Intel's i9-9920X (also 12c/24t) HEDT CPU for less than half the price ($500 against $1200).
And those are consumer-grade CPUs !

What do you guys think ?
I personally think it's a great leap that will benefit us all, especially those of us (like me) that are core-hungry on a daily basis.

So integrated a into .

Any thoughts ?

In my opinion, it's not a good sign for and the community (in the long term) as is trying to "own" everything that's -source and link it to their stuff.

stuck on the 14 nm process, no 10 nm until 2021 ! bringing 7 nm CPUs in mid-2019.
Let's see if Intel will keep overpricing their CPUs ...
As a customer, I'll be pleased by the battle of the giants.

Got myself a nice X58 with a X5650 coupled with 24 GB of . !
Despite its age, the X58 platform still kicks it with its triple channel memory as well as incredibly good capabilities (from 2.66 GHz base 3.06 GHz boost to a whopping 4.5 GHz all the time with decent cooling).
I'll be using it as a secondary rig.

Do you guys also love old but gold platforms like the X58 from ?

The first image EVER of a black hole.
About 6.5 billion times more massive than the sun, 40 billion km wide. We believe it is one of the largest that could exist.
What a great time to be alive !

Hey guys, any cool geeky plans tonight ? Gaming for me, after way too many long nights of coding !

Hello fellow and fans and brothers,
Let's share our main rigs specs (, , , ) here ! Say what you mostly do with it as well :)
I'll start:
1950X @4.0 GHz
Vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB DDR4 @3466 MT/s running in quad-channel
Aero GTX 1080 Ti @2000 MHz

What I mostly do: , , image , and , as well as of course ;)

Your turn !

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things = [ , , , , , ]
if any( == True for t in things) : you.follow(me)
else: print("I'm cool, just come share your stories with me !")

Hey guys, what flavor of are you using ?
users, now's your time for a nice "I use Arch btw" flex.
As for me: I use btw.

You low-levelers will probably just say .

lovers, you are also welcome to reply to this post !

For all of you out there: what is(are) your preferred programming language(s) and what do you do the most with it(them) ?
For me, it's a tough choice, but I'll say Python, C/C++ and Fortran. for maximum productivity, image processing and data visualization. or ++ and for raw compute speed.

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Free software implementation of counter strike, called #freecs, is being developed using the #fteqw engine 

#ppc64 #ppc64le #counter #strike #counterstrike #freecs #fteqw #quake

As the title says, a free software implementation fo counter strike is on the way thanks to #eukara. I’ve been testing it on a #ppc64le machine and it works without issues (source compilation is necessary, though).

Even though freecs is on a playable state, there are a lack of servers and players.

They have an IRC channel on freenode (#freecs).

Please, consider giving your support to the project:

Thank you so much for reading and spread the word! :-)

is to social networking what is to modern OS. Free, useful, and alive. The open-source community is truly powerful and friendly, communications are true and honest.
I deeply believe that and software will take over the whole market in the future. Hiding your is no longer a strength in this modern world.
Long live the and software and community.


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