Hello Y'all. Not tooted in a while. Just been quietly working away on my homepage and writing projects. Will try and get back in the habit :)

@yisraeldov Long time since I got hands on with hardware. Would be a good learning experience 🙂

Really want to buy a new pc - something NUC-like but I am totally out of touch with hardware 🤔

Managed to hit my target of two flash fiction stories on my website last month. Think I go for one a week in June. Aiming high!


26km on the bike this afternoon. Happy with that 🙂

Go use a computer you love to make something cool.


Fighting to stay awake but somehow manage an hour in the garden and an hour cycling.... 😂

I watched Resident Evil 6 the other day. Follow me for more regrets.

"Is that hoard what I think it is?" the knight asked.
"I don't know what you think," the dragon said.
"But... Why not put them to work? They can make you rich!"
"Can I sleep on what they produce?"
"Well, no."
The dragon stretched out on the hoard of graphics cards.
"I am rich."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Something fresh from the garden for lunch. They needed thinning to give the spring onions some space.

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