Really want to buy a new pc - something NUC-like but I am totally out of touch with hardware 🤔

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@daftspaniel I would recommend something by Minisforum, as ryzen is good, and they're one of the few people that make ryzen based nucs. Intel's gaming nucs are still good, and Zotac makes some nice ones as well.

I built a pc for around 200 usd recently, was much easier than I expected and ended up with something much more powerful than what I had until now.

@yisraeldov Long time since I got hands on with hardware. Would be a good learning experience 🙂

@daftspaniel Go for it, it is so much easier now. No jumpers or anything. I got a ryzen 3 and it was super simple to put together everything. The only thing is that I used an old case and power supply that I already had.

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