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Episode 24 of the #Ubuntu Security Podcast is up, with a look at recent fixes for vulnerabilities in poppler, WALinuxAgent, the Linux kernel and more. We also talk about some listener feedback on Ubuntu hardening and the launch of Ubuntu 14.04 ESM tweeted by @ubuntu_sec

Can anyone tell me how to to get an instance authorisation code for Mastodon? Thanks! Looked around without much luck.

Started on a little retro project - amazing how important some of the 'little' tools are: touch, cat etc

is now in public beta!!

You can create accounts, submit data, edit it, and there are some basic export options. Those are mostly just placeholders, but they work!

I plan to keep the database intact, if possible, so you can use it, but keep in mind it's very much beta software.

Features are missing (e.g. Forks, Pull Requests...). The database is designed for them, just the code isn't there yet. I'll keep adding functionality and improving this over time.

Last of this year's potatoes picked - apart from the random one in the front garden :D

Yay - blanket now half complete. Each half is 10 balls of wool. Need 6 more for second side. More yarn shopping this week then! 🙂🐑

Retro plans for the weekend:
1. Psp King Kong
2. Record gameplay of a Dragon 32 game
3. Code some 6809

'Notepad 8080 a clutter-free text editor in your browser.'

NP8080 v0.0.31 Published

100% Client-side. Offline. Data stored on your computer and NOT a server.

Code now off of GitHub. Next time the demo too!

One of my shoes has changed colour.

They were the same when I bought them.

I expected surprises in life, but this...

Proving you just have to ask nicely...

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Awesome :D

Open Source Mobile Projects Opinion 

Making an effort to use Gimp more. I don't have demanding GFX needs so often got by with Pinta but I'd rather learn the standard.

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