Nothing want to do when I am sleepy. And coffee is not helping. So, I should choose simple tasks on this day. Maybe the problem is that I started work at 4 a.m. yesterday because I needed to upgrade the firmware on a remote device with a 6-hour time difference.

Well, I should go to bed early today.

@d_pechkin @d_pechkin I'm jealous, I simply can't get up early no matter how much stuff I have to do. Please tell me the secret.

@mikehow I have an alarm clock and a habit of waking up early for 15 years:)

@d_pechkin Now this is obviously where I'm going wrong. I too have an alarm clock but have spent 15 years ignoring it. Today was a case in point. I'm now late as usual.

@mikehow Maybe you don't have enough time to rest during sleep, and your nervous system doesn't get time to slow down in that time.

@d_pechkin my osteopat does tell me that my brain is very wired and I am quite adrenal.

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