The Architecture of Open Source Applications.

If you are a junior developer, and want to learn how your more experienced colleagues think, these books are the place to start. If you are an intermediate or senior developer, and want to see how your peers have solved hard design problems, these books can help you too.

A thought was swirling in my head yesterday that I have an error with my state machine. So I painted all states again and found that one state is excess. I have updated my code today and things are back to normal.

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Interestingly, signing up took a few seconds, and providing an email address is optional 👍

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Via @Liberapay list of repositories I just discovered the "Awesome" repository, really tons of resources:

Weekend? No. Another workday. Do I hate it? No. Well, I think I am crazy.

10 stages of debugging:
🤔 😒 😩 🤔 😡 😮 🤦‍♂️ 😌 😅 😎

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My code has become cleaner with using type annotations.

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Who hates speeding tickets? Raise your right foot.

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If you wait until you're ready, you'll wait forever.

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