I played The Witcher and watched the serial about it. And I never read the book. I do not know why did this book pass me. But some days ago, I finished reading The Witcher The Last Wish. Well, it is no comparison with the TV series. I read it in one breath.

Today I went to the park with my family. There was green around. I was looking at it, and all my thoughts were going away. Nature is wonderful.

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I'm looking for a job again.
alas, the company I worked for demands relocation. my only fault is I was born in USSR and for decades I lived in a city where I was born and I don't want to relocate just because of the dirty war started by putler. I don't plan to play populism and support all that cancelling Russians hype. 146 millions of Russians cannot relocate abroad. this is nonsense. and programming is not related to the war, I have never attacked anybody in my life. I am a software developer, I work remotely, as I always did for the past years.

so I look for a remote work as a C/C++ developer for Linux. I have over 20 years of experience. particularly, in system programming, networking and high load server software development, embedded devices, hardware related programming, backend development and telecom. I work with Linux and prefer to write in C. but also can write in C++, although I like it less than pure C.

of course I don't work for any RF government related projects (and I never did before, because I know what they are), I still don't participate in any anti-human activities like spying after users, data stealing, Internet blocking and any kinds of fraud. I work for fair business that respects their clients.

and yes, I'm self-employ#ed, I have a bank account with SWIFT and pay all the taxes myself. I work remotely by contract, on my own hardware (if applicable) or on remote servers via ssh and/or VPN. I fluently speak English and worked in teams with foreign co-workers.

link to my profile on LinkedIn.
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Today we were in the music school. My daughter chose the flute class. So far, passed the entrance exams, and the results will be available on Monday.

So, my wife can play the piano; I can play the guitar. It's like a house orchestra.

So far, I haven't figured out how to solve this problem.

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But I have a cross-reference problem. We have three files - a.h, b.h, and c.h, and the b and the c packages are located in /nix/store. The c.h and b.h are included in the a.h. The LSP server finds well all elements in included files in a.h. And c.h is included to b.h and here have the issue. The LSP server does not find references for the symbols of the b.h in the c.h because the root directory of the b package does not have compile_commands.json.

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I am continuing that topic about LSP and NixOS. I added analyzing directories of depending packages for their existence in the compile_command.json. Well, it works better.

The first way that went into my head was using CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS. But the NixOS is building a package in the tmp directory. So, I added a custom target to copy a generating JSON file to the project root directory. But all paths in this file point to the tmp directory. So, I added some converting rules, like updating the file path and analyzing duplicate objects in compile_commands.json.

Now emacs LSP-mode works well.

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I wrote a script for generating compile_commands.json for the NixOS build system. I used bear for it for my previous projects. But now, this method does not work.

Finally, I bought a new computer chair. As it turns out, it's not so easy to choose one with back support well.

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Early career tech job FULL REMOTE - come work for me at Linode/Akamai 

My team, the Linode Operations Center, supporting Linode/Akamai cloud computing, is looking for _multiple_ Platform Operations Engineers (junior and above).

Full remote, desire to work EST night shift a plus. Can hire in many countries.

This is a good breakout role for someone working tech support trying to get next-level experience. You will work on every layer of the infrastructure.


So, if I should add some markers to a pull request and most others approved commits also have these markers. Then, maybe, they should change the logic. If you need some actions on your pull request, add it. I do not understand this logic. Perhaps, it is historically.

It is my first fully remote job. Previously I used to work part as a remote. Sometimes it is unusual because there's no way to communicate with the team personally. On another side, there are no distractions.

At my new job, I got acquainted with a new build system based on NixOS. Well, it is new for me. For the most part, I worked with the Buildroot, the OpenWrt, and the Yocto.

So, we continued the third chapter of the Tainted Grail. What is new here.
We separated into two teams, which allowed us to divide the finding of resources. So far, I don't like the fact that with a big break between the game sessions, you have to remember the whole story all over again. But for that, we write down all the events and quests at the end of the session.

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