It is sad when developers of a network device do not understand what broadcast traffic is and how network equipment processes it.

An emergency re-review of kernel commits authored by members of the
University of Minnesota, due to the Hypocrite Commits research paper.

I could not forward a UDP stream to a virtual serial port in Windows. I use socat and minicom in Linux, and it works well. But in Windows. Maybe I try using something else instead of socat. Well, check it tomorrow. Or I will not complicate things for myself and install a virtual machine.

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job seeking on behalf of my dad 

my dad's probably going to be looking for work soon.

if anyone knows somewhere decent that's hiring experienced linux/unix engineers / devops / that sort of thing, he's got gobs of experience.

he's very well versed in red hat, debian, and solaris. solid network engineering background. for the past decade and a half, he's primarily worked on network engineering and captive portal / active content filtering systems for libraries and schools and such. he has lots of ansible and virtualization knowledge, and is also an expert in setting up and maintaining VOIP systems.

he's the sort of guy who sits by the machinery makes sure the gears are greased so well you never knew they needed greasing; the sort who you come to with a project proposal and his response is "yeah i figured we'd need that, so i built a prototype last year and have been running it on my home lab since. i can deploy it for at-scale testing in 2 weeks"

he's in central tennessee, but remote jobs are probably

will probably post again with better details once he has his resume together

I was on a picnic with my family yesterday. I've been doing nothing but work and little rest lately. And nature helps me to put aside all working thoughts.

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What if all your electronic devices had these stickers on the back showing every component and pin and how they connect? That would be pretty sweet.

Hurried programming generates even more errors.

I don`t understand why petalinux is so hard to customize, and there are many hidden things. For example, it also installed the source code of the glibc on the rootfs.

It is an open letter to the Linux community from the research team: Kangjie Lu, Qiushi Wu, and Aditya Pakki, University of Minnesota.

I played sports yesterday, and the lift does not work in an office building morning. Sports training continues.

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I am done with supporting the AJA device in our system. You can find the AJA REST API documentation here:

Linus reviewed the patches with the Rust driver implementation for the Linux kernel and made some critical comments.

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