When I was on a business trip, my daughter learned to play the Star Realms. It is one of my favorites deck-building games. So, we played several games with her, and it was awesome. Of course, she doesn't know all the strategies yet because of her age. But now there's another game I can play with her.

So, the project finished and the business trip too. And I am flying home tomorrow.

I've been on a business trip for a week. I made a few changes that the customer wanted. And using the NNG library allowed me to do this without any effort. But from another side, the codebase needs to be refactored and documentation because the app uses an event model.

There are six stages:
1. denial
2. anger
3. bargaining
4. depression
5. acceptance
6. merge pull request

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I'm looking for all sorts of REMOTE tech talent, but this week let's focus on Infrastructure + Ops.

Are you an AWS expert? Love writing terraform? Have strong opinions on observability and loging? Well, then we should talk!

I always love connecting with people over the nerd-networks I am on (Mastodon, IRC, Forums, etc.) - so even the chance to just chat with you all would be great!

Grab a slot! calendly.com/davidovmoz/moz-ch

Job postings and more info here: moz.com/about/jobs

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Today I want to change this quote for myself:
"Theory is when you know everything and nothing works; practice is when everything works and nobody knows why. Here we combine theory with practice: nothing works and nobody knows why."

It is the worse day. I was recalled from vacation. Andnow I'm going on a business trip.

My daughter got a gift tabletop game Zombie Teenz Evolution. It is a fast and simple game whose rules evolve from game to game through the opening of envelopes. The game also has an achieving system. We played for four hours, and I liked it. Say more: it is my first legacy game.

Cool. This code compiles and works.


int main(void) {
if (linux == unix)
printf("linux is unix\n");


gcc -dM -E - < /dev/null | grep -E ' unix| linux'
unix 1
linux 1

Sometimes a module does not work as expected. And you decide to keep things as they are.

Well, it is the fifth day that I have been working since 4 a.m. And I hope it is the last experiment like this. Everything is mixed up. I work at night and sleep during the day.

So, I woke up at 3 a.m. Pros: the road to the office is without traffic jams. Cons: I want to sleep.
Well, let's make some coffee.

I will work from 4 a.m. tomorrow. And It's going to last a week. Well, it will be an interesting experience.

I wake up. And I need coffee, more coffee, and more coffee.

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