Update: My machine didn’t like it running as the mpd user and when I run mpd as myself it works perfectly 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I built my fiancé a sweet 16 macro pad for Photoshop and Illustrator and programming it was super fun. QMK is so powerful and the tools built around it are intuitive as heck.

Couldn’t get mpd/ncmpcpp to work so cmus it is, I guess. :/

Last weekend I spent like 7 hours in queue for a private tracker and failed the interview after like 40 minutes. Here’s hoping I pass tomorrow!

I’d probably use Gentoo if I had a more powerful machine. Couldn’t imagine compiling everything on my T420.

Are there any GNU/Linux/FOSS conferences in Northeast America?

My friend asked me to help him install Arch. I told him I can but I’m definitely not playing tech support afterwards.

Widespread network outages on campus today but no one can call in to complain since our phones are down too

I /could/ help fix issues with those things but 90% of my job is helping people reset their passwords.

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I’ve memorized the script for college tours when they pass the IT desk
“Here’s the technology help desk. They can fix your laptop, your desktop, your WiFi, your iPhone, whatever tech problems you may have”

Antother security nightmare: I was helping a caller reset their password and my boss said they were probably entering something incorrectly and gave me their DATE OF BIRTH AND LAST 4 OF THEIR SOCIAL

First day back at IT job and they’re having me... answer calls 😭
Interfacing with incoming freshmen is going to be a treat

What’s on your programming playlist? I love listening to lo-fi and other chill instrumental tunes while developing.

I might also get back into narrative driven podcasts, namely The Adventure Zone.

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Headed back to my IT job on Monday. I need something to keep my occupied, I’ll probably stick to playing with Python and Go.

At this point I’d like to say fuck it and install some GNU/Linux distro. 99% of the time she’s just using her web browser but I have a feeling that last 1% would be my worst nightmare.

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I installed Firefox with uBlock but she refused to use it. At one point I got frustrated and changed the icon for Firefox to look like Internet Explorer but that only worked for like a week. For some reason MalwareBytes isn’t enough to protect her machine.

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My grandma loves finding new and creative ways to install malware on her computer.

Gonna be installing Kubuntu as a dual boot for a CS major friend. Is this a solid choice for someone who is only moderately familiar with GNU/Linux?

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